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Anti-Atlantis Psychotronic Crystals

Atlantis is the colloquial term used for the end of a previous civilisation that was more advanced than the present one. Psychic powers seem to have been developed by the Atlanteans to a high degree.  A great evil befell this civilisation and it only left ruins, most buried under the sea. With the advent of Scapegoat Event Engine created by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat the 'Atlantis' event is a huge treasure trove in that one can use it to artificially boost one's reality to achieve your dream and then go beyond to manifesting psychic power in your life, all using the Atlanteans as you Scapegoat evil event sink to take all the bad things in your life and take the debt for all the good things that are going to happen to you so your life can be marvellous, filled with psychic power made manifest and Atlantis has already paid the price for all your forthcoming riches. To further boost this effect the UK government criminal conman Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum the other partner of Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow (see Warnings) in the counterfeiting of psychotronic crystals has brought out an Atlantis Crystal to fill his dupes with the evil that destroyed Atlantis, driving them mad and paranoid as Nickells as Nickells admits his crystals do as well (see Warnings). This means that the evil that destroyed the past civilisation has a doorway to this one and is in full effect here driving Israel to attack Iran and start ww111. This means my Anti-Atlantis Psychotronic Crystal and bioparticle have tremendous power not only by using Atlantis as an Event Scapegoat dump but all UK, Rothschild empire in the present which is being destroyed by the evil the UK government released in getting their dupe to sell an Atlantis Crystal. Tim Rifat just made it work but in the way of releasing evil to kill evil and it's empire. This is an immensely powerful psychotronic crystal in it's Anti-Atlantis PC/BPC configuration using the counterfeit crystals as Hell Crystals for Scapegoat Psi-Technology. To use you simply keep the Anti-Atlantis PC/BPC in your left pocket 24/7 and it sucks up all evil events coming your way and downloads them into Atlantis and via the Hell Crystals of the counterfeiters back to the present to destroy the Zionist empire as you grow richer, better loved, have a better: car, job, house, holidays. For the Psi-Master you can use the Anti-Atlantis PC/BPC to download all evil events that any Archon plan on, Illuminati... Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth sends your ways so the evil gets evil done to it and it's empire the more it conspires to wreck your life and block you from psychic advancement, simply by having the Anti-Atlantis PC/BPC on your person or under your pillow at night. Plus it acts as a debt collector for all your active visualisations so you just visualise the good things happening to you and it takes the energy debt and gives it to the Atlanteans and via the Hell Crystals to the Zionist Empire. So the Anti-Atlantis PC/BPC gives you the ability to bring all manner of good things into your life and your know that it worked because Atlantis fell to evil proving that your event of good will definitely come to pass. Using retroactive psychokinesis to bring future good events into being by using known evil event of world shaking power is the 100% certain way of reality manifestation, the genius of Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. Also as Anti-Lemurian PC/BPC and Anti-Martian civilisation circa 2m years ago according to Russian researchers are available at $600 each to give 3 Scapegoat Event Engines so you can link them and using all 3 use the Zionist three headed God in Omega Hell as Scapegoat.


Anti-Atlantis Psychotronic Crystal $600

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