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Sublime Good® Golgotha Psychotronic Crystal Infinity Engine:


Golgotha the Hill of Skulls was where Christ was crucified to accept all the sins of Christians. We know that Christians by forgiving Evil (see Anti-Metatron... Service on ) have committed the ultimate crime against God by giving Satanists an infinite get out of Jail Card. It is obvious by Christ's violent attack on the Jewish Bankers, money lenders around the Jerusalem Temple that Christ preached violent retribution against Satanist Sanhedrin Jew Bankers, moneylenders - not forgiveness. The Christian West's forgiveness of the Jewish Banmkers theft of 1.2->2 quadrillion (1x10 to the power of 15 is a quadrillion) dollars shows the West is totally Satanist, forgiving the Satanist Rothschild, Scottish Freemason, Jewish Bankers theft of the Millenium, only the Moslem faith preaches Jihad against Satanists. All the others like Buddhism with its Book of the Dead (skulls) preaches forgiveness of Evil. Hinduism with Kali Goddess of vengeance, death has an entity to kill Evil more vicious than Evil. The Golgotha Infinity Engine takes all the forgiveness of Satanism, by the Christian Church. Buddhists (led by the Satanist Dalai Larma) making well over 2.5 billion ScapeGoats on Earth to open up a reverse wormhole. Were all the forgiveness given to Satanists, Jewish Kabbalists... their Chaos Gods by the damned is reversed by the Psi-Lord who took over the top of the Satanist Tree on 9/9/9 when he consummated the Albert Pike WW111 Culmination Spell of Satanism on radio broadcast across the world and on US radio. The Rothschilds chickened out of doing this due to Cobalt 60 Amalek. Now Tim Rifat is the living Anti-Anti-Christ (see that Service on he can take all the forgiveness given to Satanism, reverse it for all Satanists and channel it to his Supreme Coven of 13. Having sequestered Satanism he can channel forgiveness, the ultimate power source, as it allows you to build up infinite debt, and dump it on Christians, Buddhists, and now Satanists, again and again... Hence the Rothschilds took over most of the world till deposed by the Psi-Lord on 9/9/9.


Having the Ultimate Source of Power, the Psi-Lord is marketing a special Limited Edition Golgotha Infinity Engine. This Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® is the Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® being Ultimate all powered by the power of subverted forgiveness, the essence of the West (ruled by Satanists, lazy stupid vermin get a free ride and third world uneducated people take the largess  live for free as benefit parasites or take the jobs of the forgivers.) Charities worldwide are run by the Rothschild Satanists for this purpose, every time you donate to charity you power Satanism which is subverted forgiveness (see Anti-Metatron Service.)


Now you can benefit from the ultimate con job. The Golgotha Infinity Engine contains all the Psychotronic Crystals® on all the Psi-Lord websites, 34 BSRI-Engine, 13 Crystal Skulls, Orgone Generators, Jewellery, Earth Boost Burners... Anti-Demon Archon... all combined in one package and powered by the ultimate power of subverted forgiveness, (Sequestered) Satanism - now Tim Rifat's property. To use you put the 13 large Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls in a circle facing your chair/bed. The smaller 13 Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls then modify the Ultimate All Forgiveness energy. They have the following modifiers to the large bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls:


  • Facing inward like the BPC Psychotronic Crystal®  Skulls they direct all energy to you to turn you into a Sequestered Satanist Godhead SuperBeing, having Ultimate All power and all the Psychotronic Crystal® powers of every Psychotronic Crystal® on this megasite
  • Facing outward they channel your power out for Remote Influencing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Lucid God Projection of your energy body...
  • Facing Anti-Clockwise to tune the Big BPC Skulls for destructive Satanist - like vengeance magic to kill, main, make ill, steal power... curse any targets big or small.
  • Facing clockwise to turn the Big BPC Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls for healing others, building your business or other interests on a positive note.
  • Facing anti-clockwise and slanted outward to tune the Bog BPCs to make the Ultimate Whip of Fire (see to use your Psychotronic Crystals® as one giant Kabbalistic super weapon to bring down governments, races... Gods.
  • Facing clockwise and slanted inward to tune the Big BPC's to make a single positive beam of power to shape reality for your personal benefit and aggrandisement so all forgivers are your personal slaves who only live to enrich you in all ways.




One can see the Golgotha Infinity Engine is the ultimate in Psychotronic Crystals® the pinnacle of Psychotronic Crystals® in a similar manner to the Bone Generator® Service powers are being powered by the Anti-Metatron Service for Ultimate Bone Generators® you can have all the powers of the Psychotronic Crystals®  at your beck and call by carrying the Master Psychotronic Crystal® small Skull in your left pocket, or pocketbook so the 26 Psychotronic Crystal® Infinity Engine at your home constantly powers you up as you live your life at work, shopping, holiday... So in effect you have all the Psychotronic Crystal® powers in one Psychotronic Crystal®.


If you have Bone Generators® the Infinity Engine duplicates them and Psychotronically amplifies them (see Crystal Bone Generator®) in non Abelian mode, to fully complete the Crystal Bone Generator® Service; AxB ≠ BxC so the Psychokinetic Crystals x Bone Generators® and Psychotronic Crystals® (see Far Future Services on and in Supernatural Spirit there - far from completed, but more being deployed over some weeks) so your power never fails in any situation. The Infinity Engine is the seed Psychotronic Crystal® of your personal Intent Space in Psi-Space so allows you to live in Psi-Space in your own living room. You can also take the essence of the 26 Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls into your Intent Space so even if lost or damaged, their power is safe in your Soul Engine that supersedes Egyptian pyramid technology to keep the Soul safe. If you have a Hyperinfinite Body you get Non Abelian AB ≠ BA Super-Hyperinfinity amplification to make you one of the 12 Gods of the Psi-Lord Pantheon that have Sequestered all Gods from all time to be living embodiments of power. So you become a GodHead from the worlds religious, mythology.


The 13th, the Psi-Lord, becomes Avatar Servant of the True God that never ever forgives, Allah, Total Intent....


Sublime Good® Golgotha Psychotronic Crystal Infinity Engine:

Limited to 12.


$12,000 as Crystal Skulls


$8,000 as Bone Generators®