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Secrets of Money Psychotronic Crystal® Technology:


The Money Wealth Fortune Service Bone Generator® is the engine for developing wealth from penury. The science of money was developed by the Rothschilds and Sequestered by Tim Rifat in 2004-2008. For our discussion we go beyond standard economics into the real source of money, people. The Silent Weapons for Silent Wars document found in and BB photocopier in the 1950's, a briefing document for Rothschild money programmers reveals that all economic activity can be accurately modelled by electrical circuits. Batteries and power sources being sources of money, wealth, fortune and resistors the useless eaters, benefit parasites and neredowells of the West. The economic system is the wiring but everything depends on the power sources for money, wealth, and fortune.


Now as a scientist Tim Rifat was struck by the realisation that electricity exactly mimics human economics. Luckily as the Supreme Psychic for MI6 occult branch, the only European author of 3 definitive books on Remote Viewing, Remote Sensing, ESP, Remote Influencing - the leading European occult expert, Ipsissimus of the West, it was childsplay to explain the above observation. Humans are the power source for money and they are leached to supply the money energy for the Rich Illuminati. The energy they provide is electrical in nature, much like the fictional energy drained from the drones in the Matrix films. Young humans up to the age of thirty (the Kabbalistic coming of age) supply the negative pole of the battery and the older people the positive pole. So the young are leached of power to supply the universe to provide the human milieu. This is called Psychotronic Fuel.  The circuitry to mimic human money, wealth, fortune can be etched into quartz crystals, this produces Psychotronic Crystals® which have electrical circuitry embedded in them not on the physical, but biophysical plane for this is where the power, Psychotronic Fuel, for money, wealth, fortune resides. Human bodies are lumps of flesh vivified by electricity that comes from the biophysical body. The field equations for this enabled Tim Rifat to produce Psychotronic Crystal® circuits that fed on Psychotronic Fuel, warp reality to produce money for you. The field equations for light have a longitudinal propagation along the line of travel of light (the so called Scalar Waves of US/Russian super-weaponry and time axis propagation along the line of time travel. The two together produce a mapped series of electrical spikes in space-time that are the ECG patterns of human brain activity. So Psychotronic Crystals® with the right biophysical (imaginary number electrical circuitry) can swamp human brain processes and get that brain to run the electrical activity supplied by the Psychotronic Crystal® - total mind control. One can see that this Psychotronic Crystal® technology allows, given the required Psychotronic Fuel, total control over all human economic activity. Whatever circuitry the Psychotronic Crystals® run is the thought process of the human population. The forerunner of this far future technology was the Stone Table of the Enochian Occult Engine created by 007 Dr. John Dee and his remote viewer, following instruction from dark energy matter entities called Enochian Angels, used by the Rothschilds to conquer the world - now Sequestered by Tim Rifat (see Zionist Tarot on, ) Psychotronic Crystals® supersede this primitive technology as quartz Psychotronic Crystal® electronics uses the enhanced crystal property that pressure and radio, electromagnetic waves makes them give off electricity, used in firelighters, crystal radios... So the Psychotronic Crystals® are quantum superimposed over humans, so physical activity, heartbeat, emotional vibration, microwave, millimetre vibration by cells stimulated by mobile phones... Soul fluctuations engendered by occult mechanisms - the ultimate power source, produce Psychotronic Fuel for the Psychotronic Crystals®. The biophysical electronic circuitry etched into them using MI6 occult branch technology - now the exclusive property of Tim Rifat as the MI6 Magus druid in 2004 and Tim Rifat assumed Total Power over the entire Enochian Strategic Grid by right of combat killing all British Nato Magi. The only true way to become an Ipsissimus - kill all magi and suck out their power (by occult means, Psi-Lord Ltd does not preach any sort of physical violence - that is illegal, but occult killing - thought crimes - prosaically called cursing, are totally legal under UK law). By having your own electronic Psychotronic Crystal® Engine you tap into the Psychotronic Fuel supplied by the human race to make reality conform to your circuitry. In this case money, wealth, fortune. That is why Psychotronic Crystals® should be stored in big hive Cities to supply the requisite Psychotronic Fuel from concentrated batteries of power - ghetto vermin, wageslaves and their overseers - human megacities. Luckily MI6 occult branch wired all the megacities to Brighton.  so Tim Rifat could steal the locii and move it from Brighton to his personal Intent Space in Psi-Space to gain Total Supremacy over human Psychotronic Fuel. As it has a time axis, this can be done retroactively into the past and forward into the future to make it permanent. So all the human batteries consisting of young negative and old positive poles can be drained retroactively and future forward to provide giant seas of Psychotronic Fuel for the Psi-Lord exclusive use.


The Psychotronic Crystal® therefore is powered by human counterfeiters such as run by Rory Mcaffrey aka Aureum, run by Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, run by Dexter Ator aka Loohan, run by the Satanist calling himself Uncle Chuckie, all of them NSA/MI5 Satanist front organisations run by US/British governments. The new Psychotronic Fuel is provided by dumping negative debt on them, killings US/UK economics to provide new Psychotronic Fuel for my customers. Therefore the new Psychotronic Crystals® are self charging. Large human populations supply more power as Tim Rifat has dumped the infinite debt above on them as well.


Thus Psychotronic Crystals® are the sole technology to control Money, Wealth, Fortune.


a)     All economics is modelled by electronic circuits, so putting these circuits into the biophysical world enables Psychotronic Crystals® to control at source the money energy.


b)     Money energy is the electricity in the biophysical realm supplied by young humans, used by old humans. This electricity has been re-routed tot he Psychotronic Crystal® to make them and the Bone Generators® the sole source of Psychotronic Fuel money energy.


c)     All economic works on human brains, consumerism drives Western economics. Psychotronic Crystals® control all human brain activity so only those businesses and people using them will thrive in the future as Tim Rifat has cut all other from the money supply - hence the Great Depression of the 21st Century that strikes down the West - see the Anti-Dollar Pyramid Service where he explains how he did this by Sequestering Rothschild power for himself. Psychotronic Crystals® use quartz to provide the electrical money energy in the biophysical plane, that is the reason why the Illuminati get superrich, and why they are all Occultists. Occult power is rationalised by Tim Rifat so you get far future Field Equations used by Psychotronic Crystals® to make you rich as everyone else gets poor. Trademarked so all others are counterfeiters. The Bone Generator® is the only way you can access the money energy of the Psychotronic Crystals®. Why? The Psychotronic Crystal® quartz has no connection with human flesh as it is inanimate. Worse still if you try like New Age fanatics to access the Crystal with your biophysical body the Hyperinfinity in the Crystal is so great with respect to the baby like Soul of the human, that the Soul is sucked out into the Crystal and the New Ager gets possessed. That is why possession, channelling is par for the course in New Agers - possessed by Supernatural Spirits. The far future Bone Generator® has more Hyperinfinity than a small quartz crystal to Hyperinfinity gets channelled into your Bone Generators®. If you have the Bone Psi-Master Bone Generator® every crystal you pick up dumps its Hyperinfinity into your Bone Generators® to make you stronger and stronger with respect to the next Crystal you pick up.


Bone Generators® also carry the complex electronic circuitry in the biophysical Matrix of the Bone Generator®. Unlike Psychotronic Crystals® they can carry out quantum computing so can in theory carry any electronic circuit in the biophysical domain, running them all simultaneously. That is why Bone Generators® can pick up any Crystal and suck it dry to re-install the Psychotronic Crystal® programme that is downloaded into you when you purchase any Psychotronic Crystal®. This reverse Psychotronic Crystal® production from Bone Generators® is disabled for all clients, but is a potential in the technology. So in theory you could have 1000 money Psychotronic Crystals® all working in tandem for you.


Something for the future.


As the wageslave/benefit prisoner/useless third world eater has had the biophysical body inverted by Enochian Grids emplaced by Commonwealth run Freemasons, there is no possibility of them accessing money energy. This is because the biophysical body is inverted by the Enochian Grid, black and white, dark energy matter light energy matter chequerboard. From Clifford Algebra a plane, chequerboard square, causes rotation, your Soul is inverted relative to your physical body, blocking all uptake of money energy in fact reversing it, money energy only you makes you poorer - the secret of the Illuminati. Your Soul is held upside down by the Chakras that pin it to the Middle Place, the Chakras the 7 Double Letters of the Hebrew Satanic alphabet Kabbalah black magic. You get these from the paper Zionist money of the Rothschilds printed in Threadneedle Street, to thread your Soul to the Middle Place. The wood pulp quantum superimposing you to the 7 dark energy dimensions, hence the 7 Chakras. The 8th Chakra the top of your head is where the Insectile lives that is your mind, the real number part of the Octanion (1 real + 7 imaginary numbers). This disables you from getting rich and turns you into the walking battery pole you are in the West. Money is the physical manifestation of the above, just electrons moving on a computer screen. One can see that downloading Bone Generators® Psychotronic Crystals® onto computer hard drives. This adds the quantum field thereof to the sum total of money to skew the flow your way. So running Psychotronic Crystalware® taps into the money energy on bank's computer electronic transactions to make them poorer at your expense. Tim Rifat sucked them dry using this technology so they lost all their money energy and had to run to their batteries the wageslave for a massive bail out!


Secrets of Money Psychotronic Crystal® Technology: