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Four SuperPower PCs for Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body.




The four PCs are for general use, and the amplification of the other 7 PCs: Love, Luck, Money, Health, RV Psychic Powers, Psychic Protection and Anti-Ageing. The new 4 PCs are the core crystals of enlightenment and untwist the human biophysical body from the 9 cycle Matrix to ten cycle outside the Matrix functioning. These new psycrystals have 4 Modes.


Business Mode (1):


Wisdom PC:   Being able to use knowledge in the correct manner for betterment. $600 + $40 P&P


Entrepreneurship PC:   Being able to use all your energy to get what you want and manifest your dream. $600 + $40 P&P


Drive and Determination PC:   Being able to push yourself and other to achieve the dream no matter what. $600 + $40 P&P


Those of you who have ready my new book RV and RS for Managers will be aware that I am a business guru. The 4 new PCs in the business mode are perfect powerhouses to supercharge the business achiever who wishes to use the protocols in my new book. The high achievers in life all have the above 4 qualities in varying degrees. Together the 4 powers are unbeatable in uplifting the would-be aspirant to success.


Toltec Shaman Mode (2)


Impeccability PC:   The power to use energy in a manner that creates a biophysical body capable of Total Freedom, leaving the Matrix to flee in Psi-Space as a flame of pure life force (Alchemical Fire)


Energy PC: The power of energy saved and collected by a lifetime of impeccability - in this case supplied by the groundbreaking work of Tim Rifat - to empower your biophysical body so it has the energy for leaps of awareness into the nagual (Psi-Space)


The Other PC:  The power of a fully developed soul, where the bioinformational and bioplasmic biophysical bodies are alchemically married as one (ba-ka fusion) to produce a new soul that is a small star, a light body that can travel anywhere using 5D space like normal space. A body of light that gives you an aura, and makes you a star. Can be fed by adoration as in ancient Egypt, or in modern times via TV, rock concerts etc.


Unbending Intent PC:  The power to lock your awareness on your destination and no matter what the resistance you reach this new position of the assemblage point. This is not waking up in your dreams, but making your dream real so you can wake up in it, be a recondite dark matter realm, or you as a multimillionnare in the 10 cycle Matrix where Dark Science not the demiurge holds humanity in thralldom. The 4 PCs will be invaluable to any New Cycle Shaman, sorcerer etc...


Soul Mode (3)


True Soul:  The condition of your bioinformational biophysical body (RV vehicle) in which all the energy channel in the bioinformation soul (ba) are functioning empowered and in balance.


Fire Soul:  The condition of your bioplasmic biophysical body (physical life force) where the power is redirected from breeding new shells, larve and Matrix humans into flights of awareness, moving the assemblage point.


Star Soul:  The bioinformational biophysical body rebuilt as an energy vehicle for you awareness to travel through psi-space, or though stargates for teleportation anywhere and anywhen.


Stele Soul:  The bioplasmic bioinformational body rebuilt as a physcial vehicle for your awareness to act as an anchor to pull your totality, or awareness to remanifest or wake up in a new position in 5D spacetime, or psi-space respectively.


Interpersonal Relationship Mode for the Caring Sharing Person (4)


Understanding PC:  To enable you to see the whole picture and see the best way to further your dream with respect to tailored actions, non-actions, towards your friends, colleagues, lovers, family, etc.


Motivation PC:  To enable you to motivate yourself to do the things you need to further your dream, as well as giving you the energy to motivate others to further your dream so it becomes real, in the process enabling your dreams.


Light and Life PC:  To enable you to light up and enliven yourself so you can have the same effect on others around you, lighting the spark within so you shine like a beacon changing those around you for the better. This is a form of RI not used for control but to enliven, illuminate those you meet - zest for life.


Leadership PC:  To enable you to have the power to project the leadership qualities for good relationships, the right attitude for business and to help you fight the innumerable enemies of light and life that inhabit the Matrix. The protocols for leadership are in my new RV and RS for Managers.


The Four new PCs can be used to amplify The Other 7 PCs to boost their powers.


Money PC:  Collects for you ample money energy but holding the Wisdom PC in your left hand in it's business mode boosts the money force so your mind has the understanding to use the money energy in the best way to make you lots of luck, money, Euros etc.


Money PC with the Entrepreneurship Pc:  In it's business mode (in left hand or both) uses the boosted money energy to give you the boundless drive and vision to manifest your business as well as remotely influencing reality so your dream becomes real.


Fame PC in the business mode:  You use the boosted money energy to light up your aura and those around you so people come flocking to you to buy your products, services, or watch you speak.


Drive and Determination PC in the business mode:  Boosts the Money PC so you force through your will against all opposition, smashing the competitors and mercilessly building your empire. This PC is perfect for business warfare as described in my new book as well as supercharging your RI to beat psychically the big moneymakers in the stockmarket by forcing them to become your RI puppets.


Once can also use the four new PCs in conjunction with the Money PC to super-amplify the money meme for you and bring into being all the above simultaneously. This type of power is beneficial to the businessman who wishes to be a success in the market place when others are failing due to severe times caused by the war on terrorism. In the hard times to come on the Psi-Adept will benefit from business as he/she can alter reality to go his/her own way.


Businessmen will find the 4 PCs in the interpersonal relationship mode in conjunction with the Love PC RI people to: love your understanding. Love to be motivated by you. Love to be around you. Love to do what you say. In conjunction with the memes for business in my new book, the Psi-Adept will be able to run his/her own business using love for your work rather than fear losing one's job.