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Ultimate future technology sexual technology


The Ancient Seers perfected the Psi-technology of making their dreams real, by visualising what they wanted while dreaming they could make them visualisations real in the Second Attention - Psi-space. By falling asleep in their visualisation in the same position they fell asleep in the physical worlds they could wake up in their visualisation that would be as real as the physical world; you could see, taste, hear, feel, smell it. This was described in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming, in the context of the Tenant as Old Seer the servant of the CF Archons who takes Psi-Masters into his dream in Psi-space and has sex with them to crack their energy bodies and shred their God Force, the centre of their energy bodies. When the Tenant tried this on me he got a nasty shock as I hate CF vermin and automatically attack them or lure them into Psi-prisons, as an Avatar of the Source - Logos, I am immune to Psi-sex by coercion. Having had Psi-sex with non human Blue Pulsar Princesses I can attest it is real and much more intense than human sex, one can even have children with the Pulsar Beings if one has a huge energy body able to withstand being expanded to 7 dimensions to enter their realm.


What this means for the lecherous Psi-Adept is that all aspects of Psi-sex have been researched by the author, both as male and female... This has enabled Tim Rifat to build The Sex Engine, a PC/BPC Psychotronic Generator to duplicate the ability of Psi-Masters to make a real world in Psi-space where partners can be brought in biophysical or physical form for sex - Psychic Power Sex, a new form of sex that condenses the essence of sex then super amplifies it - not for the faint hearted. The male and female sex BPC/PCs give you the PF for sex. What is then needed is the Psi-technology to bring a partner into a Psi-space of your design for Psychic Power Sex. The discovery of the Event Engines by Tim Rifat: Luck Engine; Fate Engine; Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine, has enabled this class of Psychotronic Engine to be developed for Psychic Power Sex. For a full description of Event Engines see: and In reality change, Psychokinesis, a single event can be carried out by a Psychotronic Engine, e.g. poor to rich. As the world expert on Psychotronic Generators, scientist Tim Rifat not only invented the BSRI-Engines (of which the Luck Engines, Fate Engine, Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine... are a specific class) he has set all the Psi-rules, as the first one in history to create a Psi-device, reality, procedure, energy sets the patter of the Agglutinising Force so from then on the Psi-entity follows the creator's rules - a Psi-Lord technology. This means all the Psi-technology on HyperSite is forever bound to one creator, Tim Rifat - I call that proper patent protection. Anyone copying my designs will find they are automatically reversed or worse...


The Sex Engine consists of a Fate Engine coupled to a very exotic type of Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine. The first Fate Engine is a Kline Simulacra BPC/PC consisting of two quantum entangled Kline simulacra PG designed to psychokinetically bring about one event: your ultimate sexual partner brought to your Psi-space for sex, a simple A to B event. Biophysical or physical body of sexual partner brought to your Psi-space for Lucid Dreaming Sex or Lucid Viewing sex respectively: Psychic Power Sex. The Fate Engine is a psychokinetic enabler that puts your target female or male in your Psi-space for Psychic Power Sex. The exotic Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine does the same thing but uses all the back luck of all the: jilted, love lorn, deserted, loveless, ugly, dissatisfied, old before their time, impotent... people's CF broken dream energy of sexual deprivation to fuel the event you have entered into with the Fate Engine: ultimate partner placed into Psi-space for Psychic Power Sex. This is a simple translation in mathematical terms, biophysical or physical body of partner moved into your Psi-space so you can feel, hear, touch, see, smell, have sex with the. Having had this done to me countless times by voracious Blue Pulsar Princesses, this Psychic Power Sex is highly addictive and realer and more potent than normal sex if you have the Sex PCs to supply the energy. The Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine causes global synchronicity of all the Matrices so every thing in your life is a mirror of the one event programmed into the Bad Luck-Good luck Engine. All the matrices (all four: ADR: Matrix: OverMatrix: Archon Matrix) is used for PF by the Bad Luck Shredder and the Good Luck Engine uses the entire CF to focus your event globally. This sets up a standing wave of this event forward and backward in time (like all electromagnetic waves travel forward and backward in time to set up a standing wave- light) where the perfect partner into Psi-space for sex is imprinted on the Megaverse as a standing wave. A standing wave that shapes the Second Attention Psi-space into a Kline bottle - hyperdimensional bottle, only open in a higher dimension. The Sex Engine therefore creates a hyperdimensional bottle in which you and your partner can have Psychic Power Sex. As the Kline bottle is in Psi-space it can be as big as you can imagine. Visualising your house, flat, in a Kline bottle is good enough for starters as you have to have in your mind's eye the entire house and it's details. The Sex Engine uses the 4 Kline bottles of the: Fate Engine BPC/PC PGs and the Bad Luck-Good Luck Engine BPC/PC PGs to translate all 4 dimensions of your perfect partner so she/he is placed in your Psi-space in time and 3 dimensions. A control Kline bottle with one BPC or PC on the bottle is the seed for the Kline bottle that appears in the Second Dimension with your Psychic Power Sex world of intent with your partner in it. The Control Kline Simulacra bottle comes with a Spar Wand that is quantum entangled to the BPC/PC in the 5th empty Kline bottle. Simply put this Spar Wand on a photograph, hair, possession, signature.. of your perfect partner. This then programmes the Sex Engine to translate the perfect partner for Psychic Power Sex while Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming. The effect of the Sex Engine gets stronger with time so the more times you have Psychic Power Sex with your perfect partner the more your Psi-space develops as you visualise it more and more. Eventually you and your partner will be realer than the physical world as you will spend all your dream time having Psychic Power Sex with them. The male/female PCs/BPCs provide you with all the PF for your contrival Psychic Power Sex. The 4 Fate Engines should be placed East and West around your Psi-space in your home. The 2 Bad Luck-Good Luck Engines placed North, South. The Kline bottle with the one BPC/PC, the seed core for your Kline bottle Psi-sex space should be placed under your chair, bed... in the centre of the room, the Spar Wand with the picture... of your partner should be placed by the South Fate Engine. Sex PCs can be used to power your Psychic Power Sex so you don't drain yourself but rather get more sex energy the more you have Psychic Power Sex.


The Spar Wand BPC/PC is most important - align it with North, South on the photograph... of your perfect partner to input her/him into your Kline bottle in Psi-space. While it is in this configuration the Sex Engine will continually translate your perfect partner into your Psi-space. Turn the Spar Wand East West to disconnect the Sex Engine from that perfect partner to have Psychic Power Sex with another perfect partner. If you do not do the East West procedure the first partner will be in your Kline bottle Psi-space when the second partner is brought in. This allows group sex for the greedy Psychic Power Sex Adept. You can fill your Kline Bottle with partners for orgies as long as you have the male/female Sex PCs to fuel your multiple sex. Without them the sex energy is used up and your Psi-space becomes unable to bring you to orgasm. Psychotronic Fuel is the key to all Psychic Power Sex. To wake up in your Kline bottle simply Lucidly View yourself in the Kline bottle Psi-space in the position you are sitting, lying... fall asleep in your mind's eye then wake up again in that position, do it once again to lock yourself in your dream Psi-space. Your partner will be pulled in around the BPC/PC in the Kline bottle that will appear rock sized in your Psi-space. Visualise the Spar Wand in your left hand, pull her/him in completely. Once your partner is manifest to your satisfaction push the biophysical Spar Wand into the rock sized BPC/PC to lock her/him in the Psi-space. Like a sword in the stone there it will remain until you put it back in your mind's eye over the photograph, to awake you from your Psychic Power Sex Psi-space. The Sex PCs in your hands/pockets will travel with you to the Psi-space, the BPCs will be in your left sock to amplify physical sex.

The 5 Kline bottle Sex Engine costs $260 inclusive of P&P plus $40 immediate postage.


The 2 Sex Luck Engines consist of two Kline simulacra bottles, each containing 34 BPC/PCs; the 2 sex: Bad Luck-Good Luck Engines consist of two Kline simulacra bottles, each containing 34 PC/BPCs. The Kline Psi-sexpace PG consists of one BPC and one Spar Wand PC to act as the seed bubble of inflation of your Psi-intent into the Second Attention, Psi-space where it is inflated, then super expanded from the quantum vacuum to form a fully fledged Psi-space which confers to your visualisation. Once you have gained enough sex energy you can expand the Kline Psi-space to cathedral size, as the Tenant did in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming, and from there you can have the Spar Wand PC in left hand, BPC in Kline Psi-space and use excess sexual energy to form tunnels in Psi-space , a warren of tunnels that can be interconnected to form your own town in Psi-space (as long as you have enough sexual power) By this means the Sex Engine can be used to build your own dream town in Psi-space as long as you have enough Psychotronic Fuel. You can then populate it with sexual partners, or Intend dream people that become solid and real in your Psi-space, the Tulpas of Tibetan Magic, the creatures the Tenant populates it's dream town with (Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming) when you have enough PF you can even wake up in your totality in your dream town to cheat death, like the Tenant; all you need to do is bury your Sex Engine so it cannot ever be found, like the Old Seers buried their bodies in special Psi-tombs (see Castaneda: The Fire from Within) The Sex Engine has all the programming to do this ripped out of the Tenant by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat in their many encounters for Power. The Spar Wand can also be used to shred unwelcome visitors to Psi-space to make sure you stay Psi-Master in your own Psi-space forever.


Tulpas and Golems: sex slaves and Dominatrixs:


The Zionist Illuminati have created psychic lifeforms called Golems to act as servitors, psychic servants to carry out their will; black magic that has made the Zionist Illuminati owners of the West. Making Golems involved writing the first seven letters of the Hebrew alphabet on parchment in their 7! combinations: 7x6x5x4x3x1 = 5040. This was then placed in a clay doll to manifest the Golem psychic servitor. Israel intelligence uses these Golems to psychically attack arabs and keep the West in line, the Zionist Illuminati use them as their personal demons to use to keep politicians in line and remotely influence enemies to destroy themselves.


The 7! combinations are used as their are 7 dimensions for the dark energy matter entities to be aware within, the 7 dimensions are all their combinations builds an intent space for the dark energy matter dimensions, a ubegestaft. dark energy matter over-mind into which the universal unconscious of the dark energy matter entities can mould and be moulded by a Psi-Master. As a Psi-Lord, I require absolute control over the dark energy matter realities so go to a 9! in which the 8th dimension of dark energy matter time is involved and a ninth, the Anti: Council of Nine, Enread... is used to reverse all dark energy matter CF evil to make the vermin destroy themselves. This produces Anti-Golems/Tulpas, Psi-servitors programmed to destroy CF dark energy matter evil - proof against corruption. The BSRI-Engine is designed to build these Psi-servants simply by placing a Circle of BSRI-E PCs (base outward/BPCs in the centre facing the PC's points) to carry out the 9! combinations of Anti-Golem/Tulpa (Buddhist through people) generation. The BSRI-E is programmed to do all the hard work and can be thought of as a quantum computer A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)  designed to psychotronically generate Psi-servants from the PF it burns. Simply add a male PC into the circle for generation of a male sex slave golem, or female PC for female sex slave golem. The Psi-sex slave will conform to your visualisation. To make male dominators for straight/gay s/m add the male BPC to the BSRI-E Circle, to make female dominatrixs for s/m add the female BPC (yes, BPCs are very important - don't lose them). Then use a Sex Engine in the BSRI-E Power Circle to input your sex slave, dominatrix into your Psychic Power Sex Psi-space. Once in your Psi-space you can have submissive/dominant s/m to any extreme being able to: see, feel, hear, smell, taste all your exotic sex fantasies in a more real than real version. Adding the BSRI-E to your Sex PCs and Sex Engine enables you to overlay your Tulpa/Golem on real people to implant new morphogenic fields on sexual partner or prospective partners to input desire for the Psi-Masters, sexual tastes, desires, obsessions and compulsions to modify any woman/man you desire. This gives the Psi-Master the ability to mould the sexual behaviour/energy of anyone to fall in line with her/his intent; perfect for the predatory sex Adept who wants to taste partners well beyond her/his demographic potential. Like a film start, bring him/her into your Psi-space, overlay them with your Anti-Golem/Tulpa to mould them to your sexual preference then have your type of Psi-Sex with them again and again until you get bored with them, or add another dream partner. Since you bring their biophysical or physical energy body into your Psychic Power Sex Psi-space, where you can LV, or LD. Then for any type of sex, fed by your Sex PCs you can have bizarre, extreme sex to your heart's content. Your target partner(s) only lose their biophysical or physical energy bodies so they think they are having hallucinations - it's not real. I draw the line at dragging their totality into a Psi-space for sex as the Tenant did to Castaneda and all the New Seers since the 18th Century, but I'm a moderate.