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Ultimate future sexual technology

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The use of sex psycrystals allows the user to practise all aspects of sex magic, tantric sex, sexual remote influencing, astral sex, sex sacrifice occult as well as boosting sexual enjoyment and prowess. This is done by encapsulating the sexual energy of the male in a citrine psycrystal and the female energy in an amethyst psycrystal. The sexual energy is liberated from negative  memetic energy parasites. The author lives in Brighton, the gay capital of Britain, so psycrystals tailored to lesbians and gays can also be prepared with ease. The psycrystals can be used for the highest aspect of magick, kabballa, uniting the female, male principle in its highest form to produce the energy of orgasmic magick.

 To use the sex psycrystals we need to classify the type of sex magick we are using.

There are three types of sex:-

a) Heterosexual.

b) Lesbian

c) Gay -homosexual.

There are three levels of biophysical energy:-

1) Biotronic -physical energy.

2) Bioplasmic - living energy

3) bioinformational - soul energy, astral, remote viewing.

This give use nine combinations of sex magick

That is why the BSRI-Engine has nine psycrystals as all the Matrix is based on sexual energy, see Castaneda’s : the Fire Within.

To use the sex psycystals  they are held in the left hand to acquire sex energy of the type associated with the crystal, or in the right hand to give energy of the type associated with the crystal.

To use the male psycrystal hold in your left hand, pocket, side while having sex to punp male energy into you. This will increase performance, duration, hardness...

Similarly, the female psycrystal can be used to boost enjoyment performance.

Each psycrystal can be held against the sexual organ to pump it full of sex energy.

With two psycrystals of opposite type a single person can pump themselves full of combined male, female, orgasmic energy by holding them together in left hand to pump full or right hand to discharge into you, This enables all types of sex magick to be carried out by the adept without recourse to a partner or sacrificial virgin - illegal and hard to procure, as well as very negative. In this case you use the sex energy stolen from humans by negative entities that makes humans grow old and impotent prematurely. Since this energy is the lifeforce of youth, it keeps the body young and potent. I do not exercise but am kept strong by feeding off the sex energy stolen from humans by entities which I shred for energy. This enables the darkest aspects of the occult to be explored without recourse to the elites ritual sacrifice.

  Simply keeping the two different sex psycrytals in your pocket all day fills you with orgasmic energy, or stores it from your surroundings, just by having them in right or left pockets respectively. 

If you have a regular partner the psycrystals can be used in the following way:-

Heterosexual, one partner has the male psycrystal, the other the female. You can both suck energy from the entities in your city by holding the psycrystals in your left hands while coupling. Or you can hold them in the right hand while coupling. The left hand method fills you both with energy for health, the right hand method boosts orgasm. It can also be used to power remote influencing, magick and thoughtform creation.

Similarly lesbian and gay coupling can follow the same method.

The practise of dominance and submission can be practised by the couples having the sub hold the psycrytal that is female in their right hand, while the dom holds the male psycrystal in their left hand. This displays the submissive female characteristic in the sub, and the dominant male characteristic in the dom. Since it reverses the flow of normal sexual energy, which is from male to female, to produce babies, it instead creates a union between the couple.

  The female can hold the female psycrystal in her left hand while the male holds it in his right to pump both male and female energy into the female for baby making.

  In  gay couple both females can hold female psycrystals to make their relationship sweeter, or male psycystals to make them more butch. Homosexuals should reverse this.

  As can be seen sex psycrystals revolutionise sex, sex magick... enabling stronger orgasms, healthier constitutions or deepening more esoteric sexual practises. 

To use the psycrystals to boost the three levels of the biophysical realm, the Psi-master should get a pair of opposite psycrystals. I carried a pair around for many years to supply the sexual energy needed to boost awareness, as described in Casteneda’s: The Fire Within. They should be kept in your left pocket while you work, walk through the city, drive... By doing this they charge you with sexual energy, combine it into an orgasmic union and pump it into you as they shred entities for fuel. This makes you potent and young as it rebuilds the biotronic aspect of your being damaged since birth by the predations of entities. It also feeds on the multitude of entities, dead should that inhabit your being as unwanted baggage, freeing you of unwanted sexual deviances and allowing you to flower as the real you. Don’t expect to become a saint, unless you were born one. It had the opposite effect on me freeing me of all the Matrix prison mind sets.

  To boost your biophysical being in the bioplasmic arena, the realm of lifeforce, vital for brute force remote influencing, charisma, iron resolve, stamina, steel-like backbone, rhino hide, entrepreneur force, occult power... the two psycystals can be used to suck life force out of all the entities in your city to power you. Carry them around in your left pocket as before, but instead of letting them naturally discharge into you, hold the male psycrystal in your left hand and the female in your right after they have charged all day. Couple the female energy into the male using you body as a circuit. This reverses the baby making process in your body, pumping this lifeforce into you not an external lifeform. By this process you build the bioplasmic energy field of your body, This enables you to carry out tantric sex, martial arts as practises by Chinese masters, all aspects of the occult, as well as astral sex. To carry out astral sex hold the psycrystals as above, but remotely view the partner you wish to have sex with. The crystals give you the power to couple with their biophysical body. Females should reverse the psycrystals.

  To boost your bioinformational field bury the female psycrystal in the ground to pump female sex energy from the planet into your body, hold the male psycrystal in your left hand. Your biophysical body now acts as the circuit for the flow, boosting your bioinformational body from the energy field of the earth. If you work in a city, you can leave the female psycyrtal in your desk and it will feed of the energy of the city entities pumping you full of female sexual energy via your remote viewing body, while your physical body has the male psycrystal. In this way you can gain the energy to remotely view perfectly, bilocate, astrally project, jump into other time-lines, bodies, or have real biophysical sex with anyone you choose, from anywhere. The crystal is proof against the real vampires that exist in biophysical space, enabling you to couple with them safely, or have sex in another body in another time-line.

As before this technology is not available to the military. Only hedonistic psi-adepts need apply, all military usuage has been programmed out to enable only pleasurable uses.

The male psycrystal is  $180.


The female psycrystal is  $180.


The pair are available for $300. 


They are personalised, but can be used safely by that person with a partner.



When you have access to unlimited sex energy the remote influencing of the other sex becomes a  reality. Women are attracted to sexy men, likewise men are attracted to sexy women. By keeping the male psycrystal in your left pocket, the man acquires unlimited male sex energy from the entities that infest the city and feed off the sexual energy of humans. By keeping the psycrystal in their left pocket the citrine becomes supercharged with male sexual energy. When the male wishes to display, he places it in his right pocket to pump his aura full of male charisma, animal magnetism. This attracts the female who wishes to have sexual congress. Similarly, a female can use the amethyst psycrystal in the same way to attract males. Lesbian women can use either psycrystal depending on their preferences, as can gay men.

  In the business environment the psycrystal can be invaluable. the following rules should be followed. The male crystal can be used to pump your aura full of testosterone-seeming energy to make you appear the dominant business type, to swing clients, or bosses, to the view that you can command the big projects and the big bucks. Simply place in your right pocket during the important meeting.

  When faced with recalcitrant business opponents, such as bossy domineering managers, bosses, clients, command the male psycrystal to suck them dry of energy as you keep it in your left pocket. This will make the domineering personality lose energy and succumb to your wiill, as you are using their energy to remotely influence them. The female can use the same technique.

  The female psycrystal can be use to input submissive energy into nice but picky, fussy, worriers, who are your bosses, clients. This is done by having the crystal in your right pocket.

In this manner the person in charge is put in a relaxed submissive attitude suitable for completing the sale, putting over your ideas...

  The manager can use the two psycrystals to power her or him throughout the day by holding them in the left pocket where they can suck in energy and combine it as orgasmic energy, the lifestuff of the money markets. Making money is sexy. They can be kept in the right pocket when giving speeches and influencing the crowd by you personal magnetism. In this way the psi-adept can become a leader by projecting energy to sway all their business colleagues.

  All the protocols in my business book: Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers... can be amplified using the sex psycrystals.



In relationships the interplay of sexual energy influences the mind of the male and female. If your husband is a domineering sob, then the use of a male psycrystal placed in the pocket of the women will drain the male energy from the man making him quiescent as he does not have the energy to be his usual bullying self. A female psycrystal placed in the females pocket can be used to pump female energy into the man to make him sweet, submissive and helpful.

  The long suffering male plagued by the harridan can use the same technique to make her a sweet gentle thing. If the female or male requires their partner, a wet sop, with no gumption to become dominant, reversing the above protocols will transform your partner into the dominant type. This also applies to sexual preferences, so the female and male psi-adept can remotely influence their partner to change from a dominant, selfish lover to a submissive easily trained lover -willing to do what they are told. Or the submissive, passive lover can be changed into a veritable tiger, eager to take charge and ravish.

  It can be seen that lifeskills are transformed by having access to sexual psychotronic generators.

  At work irksome colleagues can be modified as above, to make them compliant, or hard driving workaholics by use of the crystals. This gives the manager the means to remotely influence his staff to make them calm down if mollified, or to rev them up if work demands. It can be seen that sexual energy is the true currency of humanity and controlling it is the key to remote influencing. That is why advertisers use sex in their adverts. Use of psycrystals to place a male or female aura around your ideas, products, sales pitches, can boost their power, or sugar the pill, respectively. A wise manager uses the male psycrystal to pep up his ideas, and the female psycrystal to sugar coat bad news. By using the energy of both, the manager can empower remote influencing to push through ideas to production or liven up the big pitch to achieve wealth. It is no coincidence that successful businessmen have great charisma.

  When in meetings one can use the male psycrystal to drain male energy from loudmouthed, domineering members, and the female energy from seductive, persuasive members, using their energy to make you the dominant, persuasive figure. Have the crystals in your left pocket to drain them and right pocket to broadcast into your aura. The decision maker is the one who can persuade his fellow men and discredit his opponents, child’s play with psycrystals.

  One can boost their effect by using RI when you use them. The simple rules are:-

Place at left side as you drain energy from the target, and input your RI programming into their Supplementary Motor Area, as described in my Remote Viewing book. This weakens them of male or female or both types of energy, depending on having a male, female, or both  types of psycrystals as you program them to do what you want. This enables the manager, or partner to totally control their male, female colleagues, staff and lovers, by making them weak

  For the opposite effect place at right side as you pump energy into the target, and input your RI programming into their Supplementary Motor Area, as described in my Remote Viewing book. This strengthens them of male or female or both types of energy, depending on having a male, female, or both  types of psycrystals as you program them to do what you want. This enables the manager, or partner to totally control their male, female colleagues, staff and lovers by making them strong.

  The usual method is to weaken as strong targets are difficult to control, unless you are building a business together to dominate the market. In the normal business environment such as a multi-national always weaken as back-stabbing is habitual. I always strengthen my business colleagues but we run our own business, so the stronger they are the more money I make. Most people work for others low in the pecking order so weakening is the order of the day to protect your job. Fear mentality rules the day in the corporate business world. I prefer to work on the opposite principle since I am an entrepreneur.

  It can be seen that the sex psychotronic generators enable the manager to amplify all aspects of business warfare. To step up into the next league, the sex psychotronic generators can be combined with the gold meme power ring to provide the alchemical marriage of money and sex, the key to power in the biotronic, physical realm. All the above protocols can be superamplified by wearing a gold meme power ring on the left hand to mix money energy with sexual energy. This provides the complete biotronic energy to build anything you wish in the physical real. Simply wearing a gold money meme power ring and prolonged use of the two sex psychotronic generators weaves the web of biotronic energy around you lost by the predation of negative memetic entities, transforming you into the lucky person who makes money, has lots of sex and acquires power, the Western dream.



The use of psychotronic generators acting as sexual batteries transforms all aspects of sex magic, tantric sex, the occults, remote influencing as well as all aspects of sex. In all remote influencing, magick, one can learn all the knowledge one likes but in the end it avails to nothing, because the secret lies in having the energy to use this knowledge. A careful study of Castaneda’s books clearly spells this out. Energy is the key to all mind over matter, that is why the Illuminati control the printing of money and use sacrifice to empower their kabbala.

  To go beyond this primitive magick, one needs psychotronic amplifiers. Similarly one can buy all the RV and RI tapes sold by CIA DIA agents and get nowhere. Like electronics needs electricity, magick and remote influencing need power.

  Since time immemorial sex has been used to power magic. Now with sex psychotronic amplifiers, the psi-adept can enjoy mind blowing sex and produce the power to control reality, with a partner in the flesh, or their biophysical body. There are specific types of sex available so a full explanation of the sexual protocols is needed.

  In sex the two people, either both in the flesh, or one person remotely influencing a distant partners biophysical or physical body, are empowered by the two psycrystals. They can either pump energy if held in the right hand, or suck energy if held in the left. Combining the male and female energies using the two human bodies, or one human and one biophysical completes the circuit to release orgasmic energy, the merging of female and male energy. This can be used to power RI and magick.

  The combinations are:-

Female+ Male+

Female+ Male-

Female++(she has both crystals)



Female- Male+

Female- Male-




This gives us the ten kabbalistic energies used for all Illuminati Magick and all remote influencing. By combining the crystals in these combinations one acquires all the energies needed to manipulate reality as well as amplifying sex in ten different ways.

For the lesbian the combinations are:-

Female+ Female+

Female+ Female-

Female- Female-




As can be seen there are six types of lesbian sex which can be used to amplify magick and remote influencing.

The gay man has the following combinations:-

Male+ Male+

Male+ Male-

Male- Male-




These six combinations allow gay men to carry out sex magic and remote influencing.

The total comes to 22, the number of quantum vacuum Intelligences, so it can be seen that  sex links humans with the quantum vacuum on an intimate level by generating the energy of these Intelligences. Since the quantum vacuum is used for physical remote influencing and telekinesis, the use of the sex psychotronic generators with the seven psycrystals grounds the energies of the seven psycrystals to make them capable of physical effects such as direct physical change and telekinetic remote influencing. The use of these 22 sex energies with rv magic psycrystals powers the occult ritual programming in them. Use of the 22 sex energies with the nine BSRI-E psychotronic generators burns the Matrix to produce new dark energy which can be used to recreate the astral, biophysical realm so it conforms to your imagination, erasing the mudshadows, archons, insectiles, demons, entities and other vermin that infest the astral realms. BSRI-E mixed with the 22 sex energies produces a quantum vacuum implosion, explosion that totally destroys astral realms and produces virgin biophysical realms which can be created to suit the soul, biophysical body of the Psi-adept. This technology is unknown except in the very far future where the soul realm is modelled to the design of the biophysical realm. Since you are dead a long time longer than you are alive this technology is all important to the non-miser, who knows they can’t take their money with them. It also erases the Archons which trap the souls of humans and mould them into the dead souls one finds infesting all humans who do not have psycrystals. It also erases the entities that possess humans and turn them into the rubbish mind-set that pervades the inner city.

  The 22 sex energies can also be used to power the 16 BSRI array sold to remotely influence completely, to change reality around the Psi-Master to produce a world to her/his liking, and a biophysical realm in accordance with his will.

  For those psi-adepts who wish to have the 22 sex energies programmed within their sex psychotronic generators, the author can program a set of four sex psycrystals to contain all 22 sex energies. Since I live in Brighton, the sexual base chakra of the planet, set by the is Elizabethan Enochian Magicians, all 22 sex energies pervade the city so I live in a veritable power source of sex. Knowing this I have ringfenced the energy site, city... as like the US military I see the sense in protecting valuable, non renewable resources. At this juncture I would like to thank the US military for showing me that the military mind-set to Psi is the only one that works, hence New age practise only feeds the entities that corrupt our world as we give out energy they feed on. The military mind set of full spectrum dominance controlling and taking starves the entities of energy and frees the human from the stultifying mind-set of the archon.

  For those of you who wish to have a 22 sex energy empowered set of four sex psycrystals, two female, two male so you have access to all that energy without the messy stuff, they are available for £300 or $600.


  The crystals are available as matched pairs for those wishing to charge them manually, any combination of two is $300 or £150.



Steel rings charged with sexual energy.

These rings are a novel way to boost your sexual energy, and therefore performance, desire, libido etc. Their design means they are as close to the body as possible, held in place by your own genitals, do not interfere with sexual practices but are present, enhancing your energies just where and when you need them. There is an information page
here which contains full explanations. $150

This price includes postage and packing for both fitting rings and steel ring. Read Full instructions are sent with diagrams and support email.




 The use of sex psychotronic generators revolutionises remote influencing, sex magic, tantric sex and all other exotic sexual practises. Since the Matrix is built from sex energy, manipulating sexual energy using psychotronic amplifiers enables the psi-adept to change reality. It also enables the creation in psyspace of new Matrices controlled by the psi-adept.

  To the beginner it enables the practise of sex in all the ways you and your partner can imagine in the realm of biophysical space. The rediscovery of remote viewing enables the exploration and utilisation of psyspace for sex, that was only available to lucid dreamers who could manipulate their dreaming, the sorcerer shaman described by Casteneda in The Art of Dreaming... With sex psychotronic generators and remote viewing one can practise lucid dreaming states of consciousness while lucidly awake for pleasure as well as escaping the Matrix in life and afterlife.

  To begin one should have the sex psycrystal of ones own sex. Hold this in your left hand and remotely view your own energy body. This appears as an energy ovoid of energy as fully described in Carlos Casteneda’s : The Fire Within. Their is a point of dark energy at the front of the energy body around your left ankle that binds you to the Matrix and the insectile archons that governed it until recently. Use the sex psycrystal to burn it up sucking in all the dark energy for use. This dark energy is vital to make dreams real so must be consumed for astral travel to be real, as well as releasing the anchor that holds you in the prison matrix of humanity. Next you should remotely view you own assemblage point which lies on the right shoulder blade of your energy body and defines, concentrates as well as fixating your awareness within the Matrix. Use the sex psycrystal to consume it, the energy being now contained in the psycrystal. The psycrystal will then automatically transport your awareness to the astral realm, all you have to do is project your remote viewing awareness through the psycrystal. Doing this corrects the corruption wrought on your energy body by the archons and transports your biophysical body to a position above the veil of dark energy they use to keep the souls, both dead and alive trapped within their cosmic prison to act as food.

  You should visualise yourself above this dark energy veil which is burning as it is now acting as psychotronic fuel for metahumans. Visualise a beam of pure white light flowing down from the realm of pure spirit into your sex psycrystal and transporting you up into the light. Once there you can anchor your biophysical body in the light by visualising  comfortable home for yourself in the light. Since all humans are possessed by archons and dead souls that twist and corrupt your awareness, the concept of being a sinner or righteous is defined by the dead souls and archons that have invaded your biophysical body throughout life. The sex psycrystal uses these leeches for fuel and transports you into the realm of intent, spirit that has been stolen from you.

  You should spend some time visualising the house and landscape you wish to inhabit until you feel happy with it. Those of you who wish to understand the mechanics should read Casteneda’s : The Art of Dreaming. Once you have a comfortable base you can transport any partner to your dream home so you can have endless sex. To do this you get another psycrystal of the same sex as your partner. You hold this in your left hand then remotely view their energy body, this is bioplasmic awareness, as described in remote viewing: astral sex, on this site. Their is a point of dark energy at the front of their energy body around their left ankle that binds them to the Matrix and the insectile archons that governed it until recently. Use the sex psycrystal to burn it up sucking in all the dark energy for use. This dark energy is vital to make dreams real so must be consumed for astral travel to be real, as well as releasing the anchor that holds you in the prison matrix of humanity. Next you should remotely view their assemblage point which lies on the right shoulder blade of your energy body and defines, concentrates as well as fixating thei awareness within the Matrix. Use the sex psycrystal to consume it, the energy being now contained in the psycrystal. The psycrystal will then automatically transport their awareness to the astral realm, all you have to do is  hold them then project your remote viewing awareness through the psycrystal. Doing this corrects the corruption wrought on their energy body by the archons and transports their biophysical body to a position above the veil of dark energy they use to keep the souls, both dead and alive trapped within their cosmic prison to act as food.

  You should visualise yourself  and your partner above this dark energy veil which is burning as it is now acting as psychotronic fuel metahumans. Visualise a beam of pure white light flowing down from the realm of pure spirit into your sex psycrystal and their psycrystal, transporting you both up into the light. Once there you can anchor their biophysical body in the light by visualising  them with you in your comfortable home in the light.

  Now you are both in the biophysical realms not in the thrall of the archons you can practise any sex you like. Hold your psycrystal in your left remotely viewed hand, and theirs in your right hand. Your psycrstals then take energy from the burning veil and pulse it out of the right hand psycrystal while you are having sex, boosting your biophysical bodies and pumping you both full of dark energy which is vital for the astral realm to become real so you can feel real sex. This dark energy allows you to feel the dream, your partner and even pinch yourself, unlike normal dreams. The more you have sex in this manner the realer your dreamscape becomes. This was how the Matrix was originally conceives so by using archon energy from them being used as psychotronic fuel you utilise the energy of humanity locked up within the matrix prison. In your dreamscape you can have any type of sex with your partner. I they wish to become active, they can use two psycrystals and repeat the above process to draw you into your shared dreamscape. Within your dreamscape you can visualise people that are aware but have no energy as described in Castananeda’s : The Art of Dreaming, these can be used as servants... You will find the sex psycrystals morph into your hands when you are busy having sex so you can’t drop them, just look at the hand and they reappear. Thus means that entities from outside the Matrix of the archons cannot wrest your powersource from you, but you can use them for fuel if anyone else invades your dreamscape uninvited.

  For those of you wishing to experience sex as the other sex in your dreamscape, just repeat the entry protocols as above but use the opposite sex psycrystal. This process transports you into your dreamscape as the other sex. So if you are a male you are now a female and can have lesbian sex with your partner, or if you are gay heterosexual sex; similarly females can be male and have heterosexual sex if lesbian and gay sex if heterosexual. All manner of SM practises can be carried out, many of which would prove detrimental to long term health in the Matrix. Submissive partners can transport professional dominatrices to their dreamscapes for the full treatment, aggressive dominant types should use the created non energy type, the tulpa for really abusive sex; as transporting a real human for this type of activity will lead to the real human getting stronger due to the realm being above the veil of the Matrix. Inevitably the real human will turn the table on you as submissive partners always get the lion’s share of energy. You will then have a human in the dreamscape out to get you and as anyone can attest, humans are evil personified at the best of times, a victim of psychic abuse is likely to practise a multiplicity of tortures on you of which humanity is famous for in psyspace. The desparate sadist can practise anything he likes on his tulpas - psuedohumans, free from harm.

  Practise of all types of sex in the psyspace above the veil of the archons has the following effects:-

a) the physical bodies of the participants get younger, more virile and healthier as the orgasmic energy fed by burning archons, dead souls corrupted by them, entities, larvae... is transformed into orgasmic energy, the energy of the  real fountain of youth - the alchemical marriage.

b) the biophysical bodies of the participants are developed, evolved and refined to the point where they can use psyspace.

c) the biophysical body of the participant is not captured after death by the archons to be reprogrammed as a dead possessing soul that invades new born humans with other entities; instead the human rejoins the light and creates any dreamsape, matrix se or he likes.

d) Use of dark energy from burning the archons and their matrices enables the psi-adept to turn any dreamscape into a solid matrix which can be felt, tasted... unlike dreams. In effect metahumans become creators of reality. Since the physics is mindboggling the psycrystal does it for you automatically. Sex is easy but the details are complex, the psycrystal acts as a superintelligent quantum computer to enable the above. I had to learn the science, but that is not the case for the user. Anyone can use a computer.

e) the psi-adept after building his dreamscape can go onto remodelling the Matrix in real-time.

To do this the psi-adept visualises in his dreamscape his own living room. She... then superimposes this dreamscape over her own living room. This tears the Matrix of the archons as the light beyond the veil is of such a high ordered vibration it disintegrates the chaotic archons and their work. It is like a anti-matter bomb going off in the dark energy realm they inhabit. This superheats the already burning archons - I have been busy and liberates more energy for the sex psycrystals to use. You should then practise as much remote viewing astral sex in you dreamscape as possible. This burns the Matrix in which you have planted your dreamscape making reality mutable for you. This has the following effects:-

a) It disintegrates the real world of the Matrix making it dreamlike, as only dark energy makes the archons prison solid.

b) your human prison shell the reverts to its real self which is a being of energy, free from disease, ageing and all the other archon dross.

c) since you are now mutable you can think yourself thin, change your appearance, strength, stamina...

d) continual use of the sex psycrystals in this mode turns the world into a dreamscape that can be changed, then made solid by application of dark energy. Dark energy technology unknown to humanity for billions of years into its future.

e) sex is the basis of the matrix, so raising its vibration above the veil destroys the Matrix no matter what sex you participate in. Lowering this light into the pit of the Matrix lights up the prison burning up archons, dark energy and corrupted sex energy, the basis of reality for fuel. By equating your remote viewing space with the light space above the veil you automatically make every remote viewing sex session a reality that burns holes in the Matrix and acts as fuel for remote influencing the Matrix by remotely viewing in psyspace what you wish to happen. The more sex you have in the light, the more sex energy you free up, the more your biophysical body is converted into ordered light, the more you can burn the Matrix to make way for your dream, the more dark energy you have to make your dream real. When too many people learn this the archon Matrix collapses back to dream and humans then dream their own reality and make it real; they do this by using archons and their worlds as fuel to liberate dark energy to make dream real. The archon then becomes the fuel source not human. Humans are obsessed by sex, and youth, power, money. Now the ability to create your own reality make money of secondary importance as if you have psi-power you can make money at will using sex energy, so archon dark energy becomes a much needed resource to make your dreams real. We then have the reality of 2013 when the Matrix collapses into dreamscape.



The use of sex psychotronic generators revolutionises all aspects of sex, remote influencing in love affairs, sex magic, tantric sex and astral sex. In astral sex we use the techniques of remote viewing or lucid dreaming, to connect with the biophysical body of our partner in order to have sex in the biophysical realm. There are three biophysical realms:

a) the biotronic realm. This is the realm of the physical world and is the one spied upon by military remote viewers to obtain pictures in their mind’s eye of enemy targets. A far more interesting application is to remotely view your lover. They can remotely view you at the same time for mutual orgasms, or the action can be guided via online communication to synchronise the couple. The biotronic fields of the two lovers copulate in psyspace and the sex crystals provide the energy, so the feeble biophysical fields of humans can be fed by the process of orgasm to become solid. This then allows bilocation, and picture perfect sex with your partner. Thus is enabled by the growth of the biotronic field from its feeble revenant around ones ankles, to full growth to enclose the physical body. Once this has occurred, the bilocation process becomes automatic and one can copulate... with a partner anywhere in the physical world with perfect clarity The psycrystals force feed the biotronic field with sex energy which is the basis of the biophysical body, see Carlos Casteneda’s: The Active Side of Infinity and The Fire Within.

b) the bioplasmic realm. This is the realm of the lifeforce, where the biophysical body can be seen as an ovoid energy body and sex is far beyond normal sex. To activate bioplasmic sex the psycrystals pump your body full of sexual bioplasmic energy as you remotely view your partner in the biophysical realm. This entails building a dreamscape in which the two of you play out all kinds of sexual games. This psyspace is not part of the physical world but part of the astral world so beloved of occultists. Carlos Casteneda’s book: The Art of Dreaming sketches aspects of bioplasmic psyspace. Heterosexual couples can create a log cabin, mansion.... SM enthusiasts can have a field day creating slave world. They will find they can create biophysical sexual partners, called tulpas in Tibetan magic that one can have sex with, or perform exotic sexual practises... The SM enthusiast can populate her/his world with slaves, servants, or the wicked dominatrix, queen, master... Gay couples can create a totally gay world where heterosexuals don’t exist, and everyday is partytime, or they can create their own SM world. These realities then exist in psyspace and the more times you visit them the realer they become. Being an avid collector of energy I visit these realms which exist in psyspace created by the imagination of humanity, I make them less real as I trawl them for energy - luckily humans imagine sex constantly so they are getting stronger even though I collect huge quantities. This is probably due to the fact I shred all the entities that feed on sexual energy, such as incubi and succubi for psychotronic fuel.

c) the bioinformational realm. This is the astral realm inhabited by souls, entities, archons, demons and the dead. This is a very good place for sex as one creates a psychic space where one can have non stop sex after one is dead as well as alive. This realm was dominated by the archons who entrapped human souls, but after a long war, the archons have been turned into psychotronic fuel. One can remotely view them as shrieking burning insectiles, blackened and afire from the perpetual torment of psychotronic weapons unknown this far in the past. Their fire can be used to supercharge you sex psycrystals, as archons only use is for psychotronic fuel. In the bioinformational realm on can create sexscapes that can be visited by others for astral orgies, or can be ones place of being once you are dead, so you can continue your sex parties for as long as you wish. The sex psychotronic generators have three energy components, their physical form which acts as an anchor, their biotronic form which you can take with you while physically remote viewing sex, bilocation, the bioplasmic form you hold in your dreamscape, and the bioinformational form you can use in the high/low astral during and after life - no extra charge, each sex psycrystal carries lifetime guarantees. When you die remember to follow the light tunnel to the astral, then use your sex psycrystal to open up a pure white wormhole up beyond the false heaven/hell to humanities realm home of pure spirit. The psycrystal will automatically raise you into the light - though you can stop of in your bioinformational sexscape for a non stop party until you get bored. The dom should use only created, tulpa sex toys for hard SM as in the bioinformational world their exist very advanced souls who like ass-whipping... doms who pick on less advanced souls... awareness. For this reason remote viewing astral sex with non consenting partners, as any untrained non psycrystal protected person is fair game for the sex mad remote viewer as it attracts the advanced vampyre type biophysical form that is looking for sex slaves that can be safely enchained - astral rapists... you have been warned. The sex psycystals are not programmed to protect these abusive types of awareness as I feel a reversal of roles is a good education for the bully. You will find more than enough willing participants for astral sex as the fat ugly manor woman you have sex with in the astral realm can look like anything you wish for them and the orgasmic energies transform the person to become thin and vivacious - form on any level is mutable if you have the energy. People may ask why I am introducing this advanced technology, the simple reason is that sex is the surest way of getting people to practise RV and bilocation, which engenders a chain reaction of heightened awareness in humanity - we all like sex of one sort or another.

   The protocols are as follows:

Hold the psycrystal of your choice in you left hand. If you want simple heterosexual sex this should be of your sex.  The right hand holds the psycrystal of the other sex. The biophysical; body is projected to that of the partner being remotely viewed who can be aware of the activity if a remote viewer, or can be busy at work while you play with his or her biophysical body. The two psycrystals pump male and female energy into your conjoined biophysical bodies pumping them up with energy. This is the reverse of conventional sex where the energy field of the two lovemakers is depleted as the two energies are conjoined to make a baby or feed the entities that consume the thoughtform constructed by the couple. In either case sex in this manner makes you older, and less powerful as it leaches vital energy. Psychotronic sex is designed to empower the participants making them younger, more potent and healthier. It is recommended to use it if you are a high sex character to keep you full of energy - it also does not have the drawbacks of making you ill.

   If you are a dominant female, lesbian, or butch gay, use a male psycrystal in you left hand, this fills you with male type orgasmic energy when combined with the female psycrystal you hold in your right hand to project into the biophysical body of the person you are having astral sex with. This completes a circuit with your copulating biophysical bodies being at the centre of the circuit. In this way the dominant female or gay can keep her partner, slaves... biophysical field in her dreamscape for all types of training, while the partner... is at work. In this way the working partner can be astrally copulated... with while you are at home.

  The dominant male can try the above to see how astral sex is when the male is in the body of male or female, female dominatrix sex offers different variations.

  The submissive female, lesbian, gay, heterosexual male, can hold the female psycrystal in her/his left hand and male psycrystal in the right hand to project energy into the remotely viewed partner who will be an aggressive female, dominant male... The submissive controls the dreamscape and is in total control of the dominant partner, a perfect yin and yang union where the energies are in perfect synchrony. This type of orgasmic coupling builds up the energy body of both partners rejuvenating and heightening consciousness as the submissive awareness and sexual energy is combined with dominant intent, and vice versa in the partner being remotely viewed. Also there are a lot of aggressive dominant males and females dreaming of hard SM on their dream lover, so keying in to these people is no abuse for the submissive type craving the type of sex that in real life would prove to painful for long periods. Ironically the aggressive, abusive remote viewer who tries this does not get the benefit as the alchemical marriage of sex energies is unbalanced by dominant intent from the dominant remote viewer. This causes an unbalanced energy that attracts this SM vampyre. They are fun but not to be recommended for the low energy human. If you are a high energy human then it is perfect as you so overwhelm the vampyre that any type of sex leaves the vampyre depleted, as long as you have a psycrystal in your left hand - no matter what you get up to on the astral. This is because the alchemical marriage of yin and yang is perfect. Abusive vampyre, remotely viewed and acted upon by dominant human, who can act out any role. Vampyres are real in the realm of psyspace so keep your psycrystal in your left hand, pocket while interacting. This should only be done by Psi-masters,

  The partner can have a set of psycrstals for synchronous remote viewing astral sex. This is very useful for Internet friends who live in other countries but have broad band real-time e-mail. In this manner the orgasmic energy of one pair of psycrystals collides with that of the other pair building up a solitonic wave of orgasmic energy that since it is fed by the negative entities that feed of humans sex energy which are used for psychotronic fuel, is limitless in scope and can be used to weave biophysical dreamscapes in psyspace. Since the real world is built from the sex energy of the nine realms described in the BSRI-E fed to the archons, and their intents sent back to order the Matrix, as described in the I Ching, this process can also be used to reshape the Matrix. Sex magic is therefore the basis of all real world magic. That is why the Illuminati use sex and sacrifice for all their magic. Psychotronic generator sex magic is lightyears ahead as the alchemical marriage of yin and yang is achieved. For those partners who wish to use sex for remote influencing, magic, one should have biotronic sex with a partner who can have psycrystals or may be passive.

  For the beginner you should get a book on the I Ching and see that it consists of:-

male or female, male or female, male or female as the heaven line

male or female, male or female, male or female as the moving line

male or female, male or female, male or female as the moving line

male or female, male or female, male or female as the earth line

 male or female, male or female, male or female as the moving line

 male or female, male or female, male or female as the moving line

 The heaven line is the archons intent fed into humans and its progression, the earth lines the sex energy of the human being fed to the archon and its progression.

  To choose any of the 64 hexagrams as your personal matrix remotely view a burning archon in psyspace, I call them torture shells, suck out some of the energy released by their psychotronic torching and use male or female psycrystals to input the heaven lines into psyspace. For the earth lines again fin a burning archon torture shell and extract more energy but this time input your trigrams into the real world around you. BY this method one can subvert the Matrix and use sex psychotronic generators to rebuild the Matrix you want with you in control. Sex psychotronic generators are therefore a must have for the psi-adepts and something a Psi-master has used for many years till she or he goes on to the next level...