The psychic has an immense advantage in gambling and can beat the odds to win statistically more than she/he loses. How to swing the odds in your favour is the core competency of Psychic Power Gambling. As Tim Rifat is the only scientist to write a book on ESP, remote sensing, psychic scanning to read the minds of people for business success, see Remote Sensing for Managers on for E-books, or for my books, the author is uniquely placed to teach gamblers how to use remote sensing for profit. For national radio see predicting the assassination attempt on Putin, the rise of the Revolutionary Guard, president Ahmadinejad takeover of Iran, British spy rings in Russia, Pakistani earthquake caused by British Harp facility in Southern Cyprus, Bird Flu.... months before they were in the news. As you might guess ESP, Remote Sensing is of use to gamblers especially in games of poker where knowledge of your player's hand is vital to swinging the odds your way. It is an unknown fact that the Rothschild family owns all western central banks: Federal Reserve, Bank of England, World Bank, German and French Central banks, all EU currency... Remote Sensing of the Rothschilds therefore offers the investor an inside track on all currency changes except the Renminibi- China is the only free economy (outside North Korea, Iran...) The stock market is controlled by the Rothschild cartel and there is no free trade exempt from manipulation by these money lenders if they so wish. Gold prices, futures, derivatives, stocks, bonds... are all influenced by these central money makers estimated at a net worth of 100 trillion dollars by Russian Intelligence - the Zionist owners of the West.

For a gambler the ability to tap into the mother lode of information suing Remote Sensing can change a poor trader into a successful trader overnight. All info on Remote Sensing is on As an established remote sensor - in fact the only proven practitioner, Tim Rifat can teach the gambler, investor... the secrets of success in investing inside knowledge is vital, Remote Sensing gives you that ability and is worth billions to the wise investor. In poker the Remote Sensing facility can make you a winner; with the prize money rising to millions of dollars in competition, ESP-RS (Remote Sensing) is a vital edge for the card playing gambler.

In the 1980's the Soviet Union spent £500 million per year on psychic warfare. they destroyed themselves because their research was faulty and they used Psychotronic Generators to amplify ESP-RS that became poisoned with time and drove the Soviet Union to ruin. The Pavlita Generators were the root cause of the Soviet Union's collapse (see for full explanation) Tim Rifat has corrected the faults of Psychotronic Generators - psychic amplifiers that work 24/7 without any blowback - the bipolar Tim Rifat PGs (Psychotronic Generators). These Tim Rifat PGs are perfect for gamblers as with them you can boost your ESP-RS, swing the odds in your favour using the PGs and use psychokinesis to change the odds in your favour by using Psi to cheat. In poker you can use Remote Influencing to make your opponent to gamble weak and throw away good hands, panic when he should stick, or stick when he should fold...

Tim Rifat is the world expert on military psychic warfare, author of 3 books on the subject and inventor of the Tim Rifat Bipolar Psychotronic Generator  - the ultimate psychic amplifier; psychic power gambling refers to the use of military psychic techniques and power derived from Psychotronic Generators to tip the odds in the gambler's favour using Psi-technology. The psychic power is most useful in poker and other card games where an opponent's mind can be read and interfered with using Remote Influencing to make them play badly. Psychotronic Generators boost psychokinesis to alter reality so the cards fall in your favour. Psychotronic Generators can be used to boost telekinesis to alter dice in flight, roulette wheels, one armed bandits... Both RI (Remote Influencing) psychokinesis, telekinesis can be boosted by PG's (Psychotronic Generators) to interfere with horse races, baseball, basketball... any sporting event to stack the odds in your favour. In fact Psi is most useful for the average man in the gambling contest, investing in the stock market or warfare - what it was initially invented for. The U.S. has a huge black-ops 'Manhattan Project' to develop Psi for the military - fortunately U.S. research is primitive as can be seen by U.S. military disasters worldwide. I myself refused to work for the CIA not because of anti-U.S. feeling but rather the Rothschilds who own America and print the dollar for profit are not my role models. This means the man in the street has access to more advanced Psi via " Web Complex" than any government. This is the ultimate stroke of luck for the gambler who can use advanced Psi in any gambling context assured that no government or corporation has any countermeasures that work. All the psychic power gambling PGs come as bipolar BPC/PCs as in all the other sites so they never lose power or get corrupted, furthermore they have inbuilt Psi-warping capability so they turn any other gamblers lucky charms, talismans, amulets, or non Tim Rifat PGs negative to ruin the luck of your opponent or the Casino, Company... you are playing against to further your winnings.

Psychic Power Gambling boosts the psychic power of the gambler to enable them to begin to use Psi to win, win, win.... As the worlds expert (outside the military) on mind control, Tim Rifat has been on television describing how microwave mind control works and was on ITN, Channel 4 (see examples and quotes here) News, explaining how the Tetra Piolice Communication system is an exact copy of 1960's CIA RF zombification Pandora Project mind control run by Dr Ross Adey, an offshoot of MK ULTRA. He has printed all the DIA documents on mind control and has all the Russian data available on the subject. As the world expert on how to manipulate the mind Tim Rifat is now making this technology available to gamblers and investors worldwide to boost your winnings... MI5, MI6, MI4, the Police all have tried to shut me up, to no avail. I'm more popular now than ever - check Tim Rifat on the search engines, compare me with other so called experts - can any of them go on U.S. national radio month after month and reveal all the military secrets of the world to prove their Psi-know how?

As a gambler the body is surrounded by a morphogenic energy field, this field controls your brain and is the mind, it accesses the brain via the Supplementary Motor Area (SMA). The SMA can be thought of as the connection not only to your mind but the psychic Internet - neosphere of other people's minds. If one can tap into the SMA one can control the actions of the other gambler to make them raise if they should fold, or fold if they should raise. When a gambler has a brilliant hand it can be used to make his fellow players reckless and stay in the game to maximise winnings. Or if you are bluffing to make them cowardly so they fold so you win. A Psychotronic Generator to amplify your morphogenic field so you can control a fellow gambler's SMA is therefore a vital tool to the winning poker player.

In investing the market is rigged by the big players - we all know them through the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal... controlling their SMA remotely by use of a dedicated SMA Control PG can allow the psychic power investor to visualise what she/he wants the big player to do and then input this Command into the big player's SMA. The currency of the West is printed, controlled at a profit by one family of Zionists, using SMA PGs on them can enable the Psi-investor to make a profit on Federal Reserve, Bank of England... currency changes, gold prices and currency trading. One can also use the SMA PG to control the management of a company, corporation you wish to damage so you can make a profit on the collapse of their share price. Similarly OPEC is controlled by the Saudis so use of the SMA PG can change oil prices at a stroke. The SMA PG won't work on the Russians as a token of courtesy to the Russian Federation and appreciation of the SVR's long reach. The SMA PG is perfect for Western targets for market manipulation for the investor.

Psychic Power Gambling uses Remote Influencing of opponent's brain centres amplified by Psychotronic Generators (PGs) to control their behaviour. The SMA PG turns their behaviour on and off. CIA mind control officers use torture on moslem prisoners worldwide to turn them into quivering wrecks. The pain centre with that of a pleasure is controlled by the Amygdala in the limbic system (the emotional brain). Pavlovs work on conditioning dogs used the brain centre, being able to make a fellow card player scared of a hand you have so he folds is a game winner. Similarly being able to make an opponent  over confident when you have a winning hand is a must for maximising her/his loss so you gain the most from the hand. In investing being able to plant seeds of fear in the Amygdala of the market makers, big instructions... so a stock, bond...share falls in value due to selling that... is a must have for investors who want to buy futures. The ability to plant idiotic greed delight in the market makers... on a specific share... so it is overpriced to make you money on your shares in that company... or futures... is a huge money spinner. Since the big investment houses do not have this technology  and are defenceless against it, Psychic Power Gambling - using Psi to win can turn a small trader into a rich man/woman. The ability to provoke pleasure, pain, over a specific item: card hand, share, bond, stock, business... is a vital tool in the hands of the Psi-Master wishing to avoid being a wageslave.

The Pleasure Pain PC/BPC enables the owner to switch on the flight or fight response in anyone or the pleasure, gratification Pavlovian conditioning. This Remote Influencing gambling PG is vital to the poker player who simply holds the PC in his/her left pocket, BPC in left sock (to access her/his Fringe of Awareness - see Castaneda: The Active Side of Infinity) to amplify what little Psi is left in a human. They Psychic Power Gambler then just visualises stabbing the PC into the left eye of the player to be frightened off in that hand. This weakens the opponents as it drives into a fear cycle to fold unnecessarily - when you are bluffing to increase your winning chances. Or to make them feel pleased with their hand so they insanely raise on nothing hands - when you have a killer hand; visualise your left foot slamming the BPC into the right eye of the opponent to be remotely influenced into a paroxysm of throwing the big hand. In investing the Pleasure Pain BPC/PC is used as above but this time you remotely influence the big money makers, big investors such as money funds, insurance/bank/building society funds to put the fear of collapse into a specially chosen company, fund, stock, bond, currency as per your investments to force the market the way you want it to go. For example oil is going up because of U.S./British failed occupation of Iraq, undermining of Russia, conquest of Iran... so you can maximise the fear to drive oil prices up, same with gas. Similarly U.S. car companies are failing so one can maximise the downward spiral of collapse for profit.

The Pleasure Pain BPC/PC can be used to make investors become obsessed with a company, share, stock, bond... to drive it's price up or down as per your Remote Influencing all you need is the Psychotronic Fuel to power your PG for strategic RI (Remote Influencing). To get enough Psychotronic Fuel for your Tim Rifat PG is the only determining factor in how much influence you can exert. Serious Psychic Power Gamblers need to live in major financial centres so they can tap into the energy of the financial district to suck it dry for Psychotronic Fuel. Since all the money market players, staff carry big wallets of credit cards; European, American... centres of major credit card companies are ideal input areas for sucking dry the financial markets to power your Psychic Power Gambling PG's for investing. Simply walk on their property to gain physical interlock and the BPC/PC will drain the entire stock of PF in that environ into your PG for use in your RI of investment markets - or gambling.

The Pleasure Pain BPC/PC is $60 + $20 P&P + $20 immediate postage,

and works on anyone in the West to maximise your profit, winnings, fortune and luck... A bargain for the gambler who wants to shift the odds her/his way.

The brain is vital for gambling and the poker player has to keep what cards have been drawn in her/his memory for efficient poker. Tim Rifat as the world's expert in Remote Influencing (RI) (non military -  or else I could not divulge these secrets) has explored ways to manipulate the mind and found the hypothalamus is vital for memory. All brain diagrams on Interfering with the hypothalamus interferes with the opponents memory and makes them useless at poker. The hypothalamus PC/BPC is designed to encapsulate the morphogenic field of the hypothalamus - brain centre of memory in the limbic system - the emotional brain to control this limbic memory area. Simply hold the PC in your left pocket, BPC in your left sock - or anklet. Then visualise twisting the PC into the nose and through into the hypothalamus of the opponent as if opening a cork - then pull to draw out their memory - short term. This interferes with the calcium potentiation of short term memory rather like CIA/MI5 microwave Tetra weapons used on the Police Service by the West. A result of this is that it screws up the short term recall of your poker opponents so they can't remember the fall of the cards properly. This gives you a better chance of winning in the big games with large pots. By using the BPC in concert with the PC in your left pocket and twisting in a memory you want you can input short term memories into the opponent that doesn't exist to convince them that up is down: a losing hand is a winning hand or to vice versa. This memory control totally destroys your opponent's ability to play poker. for the Psi-Master the Memory PC/BPC can be used to make them mistake the rules of poker in your favour, so an ace high looks to them like a flush... Confusing memory enables you to make them make mistakes maximising your chance of winning the big pots - so they even fold on a big hand that they are so mind controlled they think is a busted hand! Mind control is the perfect partner to a poker player and swings the odds in the favour of the Psi-Adept who likes using Psi for profit.

For the investor, the ability to befuddle memory is useful as it is linked to emotion, the hypothalamus being in the limbic system directly controlled to emotion. Neurologists have found all human decision making is carried out in the limbic system before it activates the Cortex of our Consciousness. In essence this means that emotion rules all our decision making in the context of a normal human - not a Psi-Master. By scrambling the collective memory of a big investor, player... with regard to a certain company, share, stock... you plant fear in their minds so they become wary of your target, so it goes down in price. You can plant in their minds false memories of rumours they heard but can't remember where of the company's shares, bonds... downward fall. For the Psi-Master you can place pre-packaged memories of inside trading sources that hte target knows who can be used in the target's memories to convince them that they got a tip of the imminent demise of a certain company, share, bond... to lower it's price or enable takeover at a low price...

By inputting false memories of insider trading, trips of a company's shares, bonds... future rise in value one can infect the market players with this false Meme of greed to artificially inflate the target so it gains you money on the back of the raise in value of share, bond... For derivatives this set of techniques is vital to success as only the mathematical geniuses really understand the derivatives and mind control manipulation can reap huge rewards. The Memory PC/BPC can also be used to confuse the mind of enemy or friend to hurt, help as the Psi-Adept intends. Each of the brain centre Psychotronic Generators links with the morphogenic field of that limbic, motor neurone area to switch on/off DNA sequences in concert with your personal morphogenic field. So in effect you take control of the brain centres of the target.

The Memory PC/BPC is $60 + $20 P&P + $20 immediate delivery charge.

The Reptilian brain controls our stress response and when stimulated can give the sufferer Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. The CIA/MI5 uses microwaves pulsed at 11.2Hz for extreme rage or 6.6Mz for suicidal depression to cause mental breakdown in the target. The Stress Control PC/BPC replicates this mind control using the morphogenic field of the reptilian brain (hind brain - brain stem) to control the stress response in your target and input OCB or OC Disorder into your target to ruin them as poker players... To use the Stress Control PC/BPC simply place the PC in your left pocket, BPC in your left sock. This switches down your stress response to relax calm and invigorate your system by switching off the reptilian brain detonator of your own stress response to get you in the zone of winning to become an ice cool poker player who doesn't show his emotions - ice cool winner! To amplify the winning effect you can use the Stress Control PC/BPC to super-activate  the reptilian centre of your poker opponents to drive them into a super-stressed state where they cannot think, act, cover up their 'tells' or play proper winning poker.

To do this simply imagine the PC in your left pocket plunged into the back of their neck like a knife with your left hand. This drains the reptilian brain of energy and inputs negative energy that kick starts the target into the destructive cycle Stress Response to win their poker play. In converse to visualise your left foot with BPC kicking in the back of the opponent's head - around the upper neck region puts the target into an obsessive stupor where they can't concentrate because they become narcoleptic - sleepy.

In investment the use of the Stress Control PC/BPC can aid the Psi-Adept in making money on the markets. By getting a picture, name, of the market makers, institutions to be remotely influenced on, forms a link between the Stress Control PC/BPC and the targets. The stock, bond, share, company, currency, derivative, future option... is visualised falling in value - this builds the Meme of Ruin attached to that specific target in association with the stock... to be collapsed in value. Now visualise the rows of people in the institutions, market makers and set up a line of them then plunge the PC into the back of their necks like a knife to damage their reptilian brain centres as you input your Meme of Ruin. This puts your targets into a frenzied cycle of distress, they simply get stressed out thinking of that specific share... so they sell the share... to: drop it's value calamitously. Picking a share... which has some negative rumours surrounding it amplifies the effect to produce a synergy between fact and Remote Influencing.

The Stress Control PC/BPC is $60 + $20 P&P + $20 immediate delivery charge.

Conversely one can build a Meme of Greed associated with a share..., then input the Meme into the target institutions, market makers, fund investors, to infect them. Then use the Stress Control PC/BPC to line up their morphogenic fields, energy bodies, as you kick the BPC in left foot at the back of their heads - as they lie on the floor of your mind's eye, as if you are kicking a football. This inputs a jolt into their reptilian brain that detonates the stress cycle in a drunken-like stupor where they become obsessed with the share... to push up it's value - over-inflate it so you can profit. As one can see, Psi, Remote Influencing, is the key to playing the money markets, remote sensing, ESP to gain insider knowledge for Psi-insider trading (see for books on Remote Sensing); Remote Influencing amplified by PC/BPC of the Tim Rifat Psychotronic Generator class of Psychic Superchargers guarantees that a normal person can remotely influence, mind control investors on a strategic scale. The same techniques can be used on target individuals to mind control them be they politician, secret police, government official, EU fat cat... Psi certainly changes the odds making the Psi-Adept a power in the world.

To further explore Psychic Power Gambling let us now look at how to shift the energy body - the morphogenic field of the target, you - poker playing opponents... outside of their bodies. The morphogenic field is the energy that is the mind - the ghost in the machine that runs the brain through inputting the SMA, limbic centres to control human actions. The ancient Seers discovered that the morphogenic field - mind field, can be shifted outside the body by manipulating a mysterious energy centre caused the Assemblage Point. This centre lies about three feet from the right shoulder (see Castaneda: The Fire from Within). By using a Tim Rifat PG one can grab the Assemblage Point remotely and move it outside the body to the left or to the right. Once it is outside the body it pops free and can be brought to you by the PG, the Mind Control PC/BPC. To do this get the PC in your left hand, BPC in left sock, a Picture, name of the target, position in firm, or direct seeing, then visualise, mime grabbing their Assemblage Point and shoving it to the left and out of their body. Visualise it in front of you, or if you feel energies, feel it's shape. Physical plus psychic action - mime - magical passes boosts the process astronomically. Once you have their morphogenic field left shifted you can input any cult-like decision that will quieten them down, put them in an altered sate of Awareness where they feel at peace. Once can then place your Meme into their morphogenic field - mind - to make a poker player over bet, bluff on aces high hands so they get addicted to that bad habit to ruin their game. For the investor you can input the Meme of investing in the share, company... of your choice into the minds of the market makers... trust fund managers. This raises the value of your target share, company.... for profit.

The BPC in your left foot is used to push the Assemblage Point of the target to the right simply by visualising you kicking the target in the backs of the legs to collapse them and then kicking their Assemblage Point into touch; kicking it to the right and out of their bodies. This shifts their morphogenic field mind to the right so you can pull it to your home so you can feel it's energy outline, or sense it in your mind's eye. Miming the actions: Magical Passes links your mind and body to fully activate the Psi-effect. Shifts to the right (see Castaneda: The Fire from Within) make the target violent so spur them in to the flight or fight response. In this case you make them vigorously frightened of the target Meme such as a winning, good poker hand so they show nerves every time they have a good hand - tells in your favour and fold too quickly. Or in investment you make them frightened of a share, company... so it does not look a good bet to the market maker, investor. Since the money markets are a mind's eye, memetic medium, remote influencing using the Supercharging of the Mind Control PC/BPC enables the Psi-Adept to exert strategic Remote Influencing using the pre-programmed power, of the Psychic Power Gambling PG. Spreading fear of a stock, share, company's earning, foreign deficit... enables the Psi-Adept to use mind control on the markets for profit. A dedicated psychic investor using a mind control PC/BPC and other PGs on this site can exert tremendous power over the people who run the markets and use them as psychotronic puppets to boost her/his and client's investments. The time of the Psi-investor has come, since humans are so greedy, the use of Psi in the money markets and gambling will be the gold rush era of the 21st Century. Tim Rifat, the acknowledged scientific Master of Psi and it's business applications (see the only man to document the step by step guide to ESP/RS for business investment has now added Psychotronic Generators dedicated to every aspect of investment: Psychic Power Gambling to superboost your psychic money making. You can try the techniques above without a Tim Rifat PG but since you won't have the energy, your results will be poor. The ancient Seers found that RI needs a huge amount of energy, that is why charismatic leaders can lead the masses around by their noses. Each Tim Rifat PG give you a huge surplus of energy tuned to one Psychic Power Gambling application. Since the Psychotronic Crystals feed off the energy of your targets, they become more effective with use and leave your target so weakened that your next mind control command becomes easier and easier...

Mind Control PC/BPC is $60 plus $20 P&P and $20 immediate postage


The Meme PC/BPC is another Psychic Power Gambling Psychotronic Crystal Generator that can be of use to the poker player. It displaces the morphogenic field of the mind forward through the body of your opponent through their centre of decision energy centre, located in the throat region (see Psychotronic centre of Decisions PC/BPC pendants or Castaneda's Magical Passes for a full explanation). This weakens the power of your opponent to make any decision making them hesitant to raise, stay or fold - destroying ace poker players overnight by making them lose their nerve. To do this simply place Meme BPC in left sock, PC in left pocket and visualise yourself just pulling out their mind through their throat. This can be mimed before the big game to add the power of the magical Passes to your Psychic Power Gambling Remote Influencing.

The BPC is used to implant Memes, ideas, behaviour, that ruins your opponent's play. Simply visualise kicking them with your left foot in the throat to make them choke on the Meme you have prepared for them and is injected by impact (psychic - not physical); the Meme can be fold on any hand, raise on any hand, tap cards on the table when the hand is good, decide to bluff on any no hope hand... the list is huge. Whichever Meme you have designed will enter their centre of Decisions in the throat region and become a habit. The ability to drain the willpower, decisiveness of top poker players in concert with your will and the ability to plant habits, ideas, obsession in them on command can make you a game winner, time and time again.

For the investor the ability to drain the decision making powers of market makers: big institutions... opens up a psychic vacuum to the Psychic Power Gambler who wishes to have a blank slate upon which to psychically write her/his Memes - for profit. Obtain the names, pictures, info on the target group; of market players, then mime: Magical Passes pulling the energy body of the target through the throat (in your mind's eye) to drain the targets willpower. Visualise yourself (BPC in left sock, PC in left hand) stepping out of your body finding the market maker punching him in the throat with your left hand; then continuing the blow through him, grabbing his Assemblage Point: 3 feet from his right shoulder, then pulling the Assemblage Point -  a bright orange-sized ball of light through his throat and back to you. Once back in your body (Lucid for info on this Psi technique) squeeze the Assemblage Point of the market maker in your Meme PC/BPC to hold the Awareness of your target in your PC/BPC to power your Psychotronic Crystal so it becomes stronger and holds his decision making in your PC for as long as it takes. Once captured the morphogenic field of the fat cat supplies you with Psychotronic Fuel for Remotely Influencing him. Next, design your Meme with which you mean to possess him to buy/sell the share... you want to go up/down to maximise your profit. Remember targeting the top of the financial pyramid: the people who print money for the West... has more effect than a simple executive in a bank or trading house. Once you have your Meme, inject it ferally into the target by psychically kicking the target in the throat with your BPC supercharged left foot to input the Meme and make them obsessed with the share... you have programmed so it goes up or down depending on the Meme to maximise your profit.

Meme PC/BPC is $60 plus $20 P&P and $20 immediate postage


The Cortex PC/BPC is a Psychic Power Gambling tool since the cortex runs all our conscious thoughts, the morphogenic field that switches on and off the DNA that controls the cortex: it's glial helper cells and neurones in effect is the conscious part of the human. Control the morphogenic field of the cortex and you control the consciousness of the target, in reality, total mind control. The Psi-technology for this has been experimented on by the U.S. in their top secret Psi Manhattan Project; Remote Influencing sequestration of Putin and the Chinese leadership. Use of this top secret Psi-technology to sequestrate the consciousness of your nemesis poker adversary or a market maker is a far more profitable avenue for the Psychic Power Gambler. Access to this black ops Psi-technology is the core competency of Psychic Power Gambling so the general public can gain access to mind control technology used on you by your governments but more advanced, powerful and effective than the West has access to - a real edge in gambling and the game of life.

The Cortex PC/BPC should be used in left pocket PC, left sock BPC to activate it. When you are visualising, teaching yourself poker systems, gambling odds, investment analyses, the Cortex PC/BPC supercharges your cortex to super-boost learning rather like Super-Learning (see SuperLearning by Ostrander...) a Russian block super-memory technology. As you concentrate on the material the Cortex PC/BPC creates the perfect neuronal structure and morphogenic field to boost your intelligence/memory. Great for card counting, students desperate to revise for exams and the money hungry investor desperate to analyse pages of investment information. The ultimate mind expansion PC for the cognicenti!

Cortex PC/BPC $80 inclusive of P&P plus $20 immediate postage

To use for poker simply visualise the left hand holding the PG grabbing the insectile dark energy matter entity that controls human minds which sits on top of the head (see Castaneda: Magical Passes and the Active Side of Infinity); pull the dark energy matter entity into your PC and shred it. This contains the conscious mind of possessed humans and so leave a blank consciousness for inputting your own sequestration, biophysical Meme engine. The Meme engine mirrors your thoughts and makes the target think the way you want, so visualising, thinking into the PC downloads these thoughts into the target as a repetitive loop as all possessed humans have a CF, repetitive consciousness that goes around in circles of greed, more greed... fear more fear... sex more sex... hunger more hunger... By this method you can mind control the consciousness of your target to make them do what you want when playing poker so they raise when you have the winning hand, fold when you are bluffing... game winning edge. The BPC at your left foot is used to psychically kick the dark energy matter entity on people's heads to inject negative energy into their possessed minds to cause the dark energy matter parasite to self destruct the mind of the target as it shrivels and dies to leave your target bereft of his reason. This makes your poker opponent lose his marbles and play like a retard so he loses big time, a wallet filler for the poker professional with the Psi-edge, as Psi-winner.

For the investor the use of the Cortex PC/BPC enables the minor investor to force multiply his tiny investment by mind controlling the consciousness of market makers: trust fund managers: insurance investors... the big players so they think the way you do raising and lowering shares, stocks, bonds, currencies... in concert with your Awareness to increase the profitability of your portfolio so you make bundles of money so you can live your dream.