Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine:

When quantum mechanics was invented at the start of the 20th Century by Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Bohr... an equation called the Shrodinger Wave Equation was created that could calculate the exact function a particle would follow to predict it's behaviour: position and momentum. Particles follow a wave equation the Circular Force (CF) effects events at the microscopic scale so they follow rules dictated by the CF. Only for Hydrogen can the Schrödinger Wave Equation be solved, after two particles the equation cannot be solved exactly. That means that in Psychokinesis, the Psi-technology of controlling reality, going from A to B can be exactly solved so a Psi-Master can achieve his aim. One cannot go from A to B to C in a totally controlled way, our erstwhile Psi-Master will fail as he/she has tried to control the uncontrollable. Multiple event Psychokinesis is subject to the CF force which as we know is the domain of evil awareness. Successful people like myself are monomaniac, control freaks that fixate on only one goal and ignore everything else.  Other things happen to them but they are relegated to the sidelines. This means all the energy of the successful person is fixated on the A to B event change; poor to rich, powerless to powerful, doomed to die to immortal, childless to parent, cursed to blessed. I personally gave up all free will and became a total servant of the Source, Logos, among Psi-Masters, ancient Seers this is a very very rare phenomena that comes about when the Psi-Master makes a fatal mistake and the only way out is to become a Psi-Lord, an Avatar of the Source. Bad things happen to me but only to trap the Archons in the HyperMatrix designed by the Source, Logos, to contain them in a Psi-prison so they produce Psychotronic Fuel (PF) to enable True Time Line to be perfected...

Quantum mechanics had two versions, wave mechanics using the Schrodinger Wave Equation showing Psychokinesis can work even in a CF environment as long as one concentrates on one event as per the Tim Rifat class: Luck Engines. There was also a second complementary version called Matrix Mechanics, where Matrices were used to calculate the behaviour of particles. For the non-mathematical, Matrix mathematics is a branch of mathematics with a long history; it enalbes many different functions to be added, multiplied... as per formal figures but placed in brackets so certain rules apply. So instead of thinking of an event change being caused by the CF one can think of it being caused by a global Matrix change predicted by Matrix Mechanics. This Matrix change can follow any of the transformations of Set Theory, including those of the 5 extraordinary sets which no mathematician knows what they describe; they describe the transformations of events in a bounded environment - a Matrix. Change the 5 extraordinary Sets effects on the Matrix and you change reality from A to B but in a Matrix Array, a global gestalt of change that pulses out to effect one event change globally. Synchronicity, one event like someone asking you for the time, many times in a day... is an aspect of this pusling of one effect/event throughout the Matrix. One event A to B but manifesting all over the Matrix, these phenomena are controlled by the Pulsar Force (PF).

Bad Luck, things going wrong for you can now be seen to be the unlucky person putting all their energy into more than one event change. If you want A to B + C to D... for example poor man wanting a career, family, Ferrari, to be loved, famours, successful, have a huge mansion, lovers... the Psychokinesis is uncontrollable, any event change over A to B is uncontrollable and will go wrong so this greedy person puts all his/her energy into producing a Psychokinetic Cascade of Bad Luck. Lucky people only concentrate their energy on one thing: winning that event, next: winning that event: next... they are monomaniacs. As a Psi-Lord, Tim Rifat has only one goal to be a net winner of PF for Psi; the more power you get, the more power you get: the more money you get the more money you get: the more sex you get the more sex you get: Since the vast majority of all the human race are fixated on many things they want they put all their energy into things that fail creating bad luck. This massive input of emotional energy has been drained by dark energy matter Archons until now; a Psi-Master can tap into this PF of all the billions of unlucky humans to amplify, power his good luck A to B mentality. This occurs by tapping into the CF wave mechanical bad luck energy, collapsing it o a Matrix where your A to B event: poor to rich, powerless to powerful, nerd to stud, becomes a global event so all the bad luck in the world is used to power the one event that you want but globally so the Psi-Master becomes over loaded with the one intent he/she programmed, poor to rich again and again and again in every aspect of his/her life. Using the A to B rule discovered by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat, but making it global so the entire Matrix is reconfigured to make the Psi-Master always richer. It only stops when the Psi-Master changes his/her Psychokinesis and tries to get A to B + C to D; too cocky. As long as you stick to A to B; B to C; C to D; psychokinesis works 100%. One can use all the other normal human wage slave's bad luck by using a Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine; a Psi-device to convert the bad luck CF wave equation disasters of greedy many aimed people into a Matrix mechanics Pulsar Force global one event cascade for one Psi-Master. This can be seen as the wary unpredictability of life exploding into point pulses of light around one event for one person fed by everyone else including the Archons... Illuminati. The Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine turns the CF bad luck into PuF good Luck in concert with the Psi-Master who wishes to turn the Matrices into producing one event: poor to rich... against the programming of the Archons... Illuminati, using them as PF.

The Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine consists of two Kline bottles with 34 PC/BPCs in each Kline Simulacra bottle, the BPCs/PCs in each Kline bottle are linked through hyperspace (SD) to link the BPCs/PCs in a Bells Theorem, quantum entanglement to make a Tim Rifat Class PG. The one held in your left hand is in the left side Pulsar Force of your left body (see Castaneda's: Magical Passes for left side/right side Awareness or this Kline bottle draws all the PF derived from the bad luck of the normal humans in your right hand (CF side) that dumps negative energy into the Matrix to enable your left Kline bottle to grab huge amounts of PF to power your A to B event simply by burning the bad luck of your fellow man to power the psychokinesis of your desired event.

The Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine uses all the bad luck of your fellow man, the 6 billion + unlucky souls to power o Kline bottle PG to fill you with 6 billion People's worth of good luck for your desired events. Simply hold the two Kline bottle PC/BPCs in each hand and visualise your desired single event, again and again to make it global so it happens again and again for only you. Stick, to one event only and it will be made a global event in the Matrix for you to use alone: poor to rich... Invaluable for the gambler or investor who wants to use bad luck to fuel his/her good luck.