Bracelet Gallery:

All Pearls are fresh water pearls, and all silver is sterling silver.

Each item can be charged with one of 100 Powers. Throughout each Gallery page there is a jewel with the word 'Key' in it, clicking on this will bring up a new window with the list of Powers in it to help you choose.


Bracelet Selection 1

  90061050 Side Teardrop Bracelet Pink
  90061051 Side Teardrop Bracelet Purple
  90061052 Side Teardrop Bracelet Gold/Cream
  90061053 Side Teardrop Bracelet Blue/Grey
  90061054 Side Teardrop Bracelet Champagne/Bronze
  90061055 Side Teardrop Bracelet Peacock Blue
  90061056 Side Teardrop Bracelet Peacock Brown
  90061057 Side Teardrop Bracelet Wine Red
$60 + $40 P&P


Bracelet Selection 2

  90060501 Pearl elasticated Bracelet small
  90060502 Pearl elasticated Bracelet medium
  90060503 Pearl elasticated Bracelet large
  90060520 Potato Pearl Bracelet multi coloured

$72 + $40 P&P




Bracelet Selection 3

  90060504a 4 Row Button Pearl Bracelet a
  90060504b 4 Row Button Pearl Bracelet b
  90060504c 4 Row Button Pearl Bracelet c
  90060504d 4 Row Button Pearl Bracelet d
$96 + $40 P&P



Bracelet Selection 4

  90060505a Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet a
  90060505b Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet b
  90060505c Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet c
  90060505d Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet d
  90060505e Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet e
$60 + $40 P&P



Bracelet Selection 5

  90060530 Pearl & Fluorite Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060531 Pearl & Hematite Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060532 Pearl &Crystal Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060533 Pearl & Amethyst Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060534 Pearl & Rose Quartz Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060535 Pearl & Blue Goldstone Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060536 Pearl & Blue Lace Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060537 Pearl & Green Aventurine Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060538 Pearl & Garnet Gem stretch Bracelet
  90060539 Pearl & Black Onyx Gem stretch Bracelet
$48 + $40 P&P


  Blue Chalcedony Baijal Bracelet
$108 + $40 P&P


Bracelet Selection 6

  90020301 Amethyst Baijal Bracelet
  90020302 Crystal Baijal Bracelet
$108 + $40 P&P


Bracelet Selection 7

  90050650a Tumblestone Bracelet, Ruby in green Mica
  90050650b Tumblestone Bracelet, Rainbow Moonstone
  90050650c Tumblestone Bracelet, Labradorite
  90050650d Tumblestone Bracelet, Lapis
  90050650e Tumblestone Bracelet, Amethyst
  90050650f Tumblestone Bracelet, Carnelian
$192 + $40 P&P


Bracelet Selection 8

  90060540 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Peacock Medium
  90060541 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet White Medium
  90060542 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Silver/Grey Medium
  90060543 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Champagne Medium
  90060544 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Natural Purple Med.
  90060545 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Natural Multi Medium
  90060546 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Natural Orange Med.
  90060547 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Baby Pink Medium
  90060548 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Baby Blue Medium
  90060549 Pearl Teardrop Bracelet Bronze Medium
$72 + $40 P&P


Bracelet Selection 9

  90060550 Pearl Peardrop Bracelet White Large
  90060551 Pearl Peardrop Bracelet Silver/Grey Large
  90060552 Pearl Peardrop Bracelet Peacock Large
  90060553 Pearl Peardrop Bracelet Champagne Large
  90060554 Pearl Peardrop Bracelet Natural Purple Large
$96 + $40 P&P



Gallery Two


All Jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Tim Rifat.