For those wishing to run their own business in this field, the entire pack of Management Illustrations becomes an essential seminar tool for the modern professional.

Included are:

57 diagrams to be used as OHP's in seminars.

The Entire Psi-Ops Management

X-Files Management

The entire Psi-Ops Management Course is $500 for the two courses and 57 Diagrams to go with it. Start your own management consulting and become a management guru, with unlimited financial returns for almost no outlay.

As the world expert in all branches of scientific research into the paranormal - Psi, Tim Rifat's mission statement is to give the public access to Psi-technology well beyond any government knowledge at prices anyone can afford to raise consciousness, increase the wealth of the middle classes and enable would be entrepreneurs down on their luck.

The entire X-Files Management Psi-Ops Management courses are self explanatory and allow you to know more than any established management consultancy, so you can hve the edge in any business or financial dealings. Includes information on manipulating stock markets... to boost your pnortfolio of stocks, shares, bonds and deritives. Make money with the knowledge to manipulate the markets using Psi.


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