Key to Morphogenic Field  


  Molecular biologists at Oxford came up with the concept of a Morphogenic Field that switches our DNA on and off to manifest particular traits. The book: The Leapod that Changed it's Spots, documents their work. MI4 the British Thought Police did not like the implications so these biologists were branded heretics and lost their funding. The biologists research mirrors Russian research started by Lyschenko for Stalin to boost crop yields and developed under Andropov. As the acknowledged Russian Psychic Warfare expert in the West, Tim Rifat has developed a special PG to boost your Morphogenic Field and edit out incursions of foreign Morphogenic Fields be they viral, bacterial or of dark energy matter manufacture to free your Morphogenic Field from errors and negative DNA activation leading to disease, obesity, altzheimers, mental problems and premature ageing. The item of Jewellery is charged with a perfected form of your Morphogenic Field that enhances all your positive characteristics:-
a Develops breasts to their DNA designed ideal size
b Thin legs by deactivating adipose cell synthesis and fat uptake
c Raises your basal metabolism to burn fat
d Switches off the insulin 4 gene trigger to ageing to enable you to live a fuller better life without starving
e Boosts DNA repair to allow your genetic material to survive modern day carcinogens such as organic solvents, radiation, UV and aspartane
f Locks your cellular clock on it's lowest setting to enhance your lifespan
g Boosts the growth hormone genes to make you muscle rather than fat
h Slows down Calcium efflux from your nerve and brain cells caused by microwave phones and base stations to lessen the nervous and hormonal collapse caused by these military microwave weapons sold to the public to harm health
i Speeds up nerve impulses by switching on the DNA for sodium and potassium ion pumps in your nerve cells and helper cells to boost your reflexes
j Promotes interconnections between synopses to remap your brain for efficiency
k Lowers the time needed for muscle fibres to contract to build up speed and power
l Improves the immune system by promoting DNA synthesis by RNA of the immune proteins needed for a robust immune system
m Repairs damage in your body by raising the potential difference needed by the body to activate healing
n Reduces stress proteins by depressing the reptiloid brain stem proteins which fire your Brain Stress System
o Activates organ and tissue repair genes so your damaged organs can repair themselves
p Enables your DNA to switch on the complexed genes that control all your physical characteristics to enhance what you were born with so you look better, feel better and live longer. This also boosts your intelligence, creativity
q Boosts the production of free radical anti-oxidant proteins and enzymes to stop premature ageing and the accumulation of cell damage caused by oxidation
r Alleviates chronic conditions by boosting the positive parts of your genome and suppressing the negative so your collection of killer genes and ageing genes are switched off to extend your healthy lifespan beyond the normal range
s Switches on the hunger pathway and DNA synthesis chain that extends life in minimum calorie diet devotees who starve themselves to live longer
t Stops premature cross bridging in your skin to keep your skin young looking
u Perfects the DNA package given to you by your parents so you can be the physical form of this idealised manifestation you were born with



All Jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Tim Rifat.






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