Key to 32 New Age Powers  


  The New Age has many good ideas and white magic has at least the right intentions. Now at last you can have the both, the best of New Age and White Magic but now perfected to work all the time and with no negative overtones. The PG tunes in to all the New Age and White Magic ever practised, draws it in, cleans it of all negative corruption and energies and then uses it for fuel in the Perfect New Age Magic PG. The New Age Magic is perfect for light workers in any field who find the Shamanic path a little aggressive. Since the New Age Magic PG can be any of our Psychic Power Jewellery or Rings (at no extra price) instead of the 35 Powers just order 32 Power Version New Age Magic Psychic Power Jewellery or Ring. It comes with a bioparticle so your New Age Magic: Jewellery/ring will always remain positively charged a feature of the Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Crystals and Generators - a worlds first! If you want the 32 Powers New Age Magic Powers buy from the New age Magic/Ring and be uplifted

Each PG will be charged to:-

Choose your Power:

1 Boost your inspiration as well as awakening your inherent talents. It also enhances your perception, precision of thinking and movement, and analytical capabilities. Helps you to link with your inner being eliminating negativity, stabilising, cleansing the inner energies using New Age Magic.
2 Raises the frequency of your energies which helps to enter into high frequency states of Awareness. Releases the evil of the heart, throat, ajna and crown Chakras. Causes you to be graceful and gentles the harsh side of your being. Causes your physical and psychic bodies to interconnect to synergistically boost your potential using New Age Magic.
3 Attunes you to Mother Earth. Enables you to commune with plant Spirits. Balances your emotions and strengthens as well as boost them with New Age Magic . Unfolds the true beauty of Nature for your inner and outer eye.
4 Boosts your joy of living attuning you to a feeling of kinship and oneness with all that lives. Allows you to enter deep meditative states. Enables you to bring goals, quests and journeys of life to resolution using intuition, insight and inspiration coming from New Age Magic. Also causes positive change, variety in your life, self realisation as well as transcendence of Spirit.
5 Raises your energies to bring about inner peace and positive metamorphosis. The New Age Magic transmutes lower energies into higher spiritual frequencies, raising your being to the highest and most evolved energies of each plane. New Age Magic enables positive transformation and metamorphosis bestowing upon you poise, stability, strength, peace, protection and the resulting invigoration of New Age Magic.
6 New Age Magic also centres your attention on the higher planes and brings self discipline. It also enhances practicality making you reliable and patient. It also enables you to solve any problem.
7 New Age Magic builds leadership enhancing creativity, decision making and organisational skills. Balances male and female energies and boosts the heart organ of your energy bodies.
8 New Age Magic stimulates analysis and precision of mind and body as well as enhancing your senses such as visual acuity, clearing your mind of mental garbage, balancing your emotions, banishes fear and promotes love in all it's aspects.
9 Use of New Age Magic boosts your stamina, makes you resist stress and hardens your resolve and patience in difficult, harsh or extreme conditions and environments - a true life saver! Allows you to verbalise all your ideas and intuitions to catch the mood of the time. This New Age magic allows you to stand up for yourself. Allows you to get rid of bad habits and personality traits. Lowers your brain stress system so you don't get over-excited and stressed out.
10 Boosts your mental prowess and mental attunement. Enhances memory, logical thinking, technical knowledge, self control; develops all aspects of body Awareness; raises your manual and mental dexterity to profound heights not achieved before. Balances your mind and body so you are perfectly in tune with your self.
11 New Age Magic develops calmness, encouraging calm communication rather than argumentative rows, smoothing emotional exchanges raising Awareness of the other persons' point of view. It enables you to discern true from false by linking in to your silent knowledge - intuition. Dispels criticalness, cynicism, selfishness and facetiousness. Cuts through self delusion so you can see the real situation.
12 The New Age Magical Jewellery generates harmony and visionary powers. Harmonises the personal ego with the Id and SuperEgo; personal outer self with inner self. Feeds off ritual magical to use it as fuel. Makes you a focus generator of harmony. Transmutes negativity into positive energy for your benevolent use. Enhances your dreaming perception to boos Lucid Dreaming.
13 Magic Jewellery pumps New Age Magic into the wearer to promote organisational qualities; providing answers, insights and solutions to complete any project or plan in life or business. Assists the formation and development of ideas, your personal dreams and pet projects. Instils resourcefulness and dispels negativity in your personal and business life.
14 New Age Magical Jewellery brings your personal magic of a benevolent nature to fruition. This also brings about cohesion of purpose and it's actualisation to complete your dream. Stabilises your dream and protects as well as nurturing it.
15 New Age Magic enables dream recall, boost dream recall when meditating as well as precognition. Allows the Magical Jewellery to act as a crystal record of your experiences to enable dream recall... Protects your dreaming body; brings fresh ideas from that direction into focus so you can develop your energy body's' Awareness.
16 New Age Magic opens up pathways and allows one to achieve, sustain and protect ones' chosen destiny. Enables you to link with devas and conjoin with the Matriachory of benevolent beings. Permits contact with benevolent extraterrestrial and inner energies and keeps them clean and balanced.
17 Boots your total Awareness; amplifies your Intent, intuition and intelligence. Synergistic Power to enable, resolve and liberate. Enhances holistic perception of universality, oneness of all things, Buddha Awareness. Permits the wearer to gain access to the unconscious and universal unconscious. Protects you from the subconscious. Boosts the immune system and assists in preventing DNA and RNA damage from stressors. Harmonises relationships and frees you from emotional bondage.
18 New Age Magic transforms, clears and releases negative experiences for beneficial effects. Facilitates healing insights. Balances all your: energies, life, relationships, career, business as well as boosting intuition and protecting you from yourself. Helps one to adapt to changing situations in life and business.
19 Magical Jewellery uses the power of New Age Magic to balance male and female energies between partners, or male/male, female/female. Protects against illness by boosting the immune system. Amplifies love to bring it into your life, keep it and nurture it protecting it against aggressors.
20 New Age Magic balances your Kundalini; protects your energy body by transforming your crown Chakra to an energy Centre controlled by you and you alone. Stabilises the movement of Kundalini to boost it in Easterners and damp it down in Westerners to promote balance. Enhances ones' energy fields. Purifies, balances and perfects the energy body to take full advantage of unused energy to redeploy it for your use and yours alone except for absent healing.
21 New Age Magic boost telepathy, aligns and centres you with higher forces. Enhances telepathic abilities, control, absorption of spiritual energies that one needs for Psychic development. Increases and clears ESP, intuition, empathy, and interconnectedness.
23 Magical Jewellery tuned to use New Age Magic for healing. This gentle form of energy balances love emotions and redistributes astral energy flows to avoid negative destructions. It heals the astral body from emotional wounds, trauma, shock, injury, poisoning... rejuvenating it in the process.
24 The New Age Magic PG in the form of Psychic Power Jewellery promotes, boosts and refines unconditional love. It balances, equalises and raises your full potential to that above what you were born with. Dispels anxiety, trauma, stress, bad vibes and feelings of evil. Eliminates Chaos in your life, promoting coherance, synergy, inner peace, poise and benevolent providence. Interconnects male and female energies inducing calm self assurance, purpose freedom and Soul power. Also raises your Spirit to be magnanimous - generous of Spirit.
25 The distilled refined energy found in Magical Jewellery boosts purpose and direction in your life, combined with lightness of Spirit and joyful vigour. Boosts your mental acuity banishing confusion in the process it facilitates deep profound insights. This enables you to become a centre of group harmony and solidarity - a decision maker.
26 This power of your Magical Jewellery erases the negativity associated with your third eye Ajna Chakra pulling out the dark matter pin that is in this centre. This opens up your Second Sight, earthing and grounding your Awareness so you see Psychically what is really there, not illusion. This boosts ones' capability and promotes a positive mind set. Balances the material and Psychic world so you are successful in both. Attracts wealth of all sorts to your material and Psychic world using the Unicorn horn of power that can be projected from your forehead. Boosts and calms all your meditations.
27 This aspect of the power of your Magical Jewellery provides your aura with a Psychic Shield when worn. Also protects your physical body when you Awareness is out of your body while Lucid Viewing or Lucid Dreaming. Strengthens and aligns your energy body. Carries out infrastructure repair on your physical and dreaming bodies to balance, suppresses the negative aspects of Chakras, boosts proper meridians not linked to dark matter/energy parasites and renews subtle body energy sheaths. Elevates the frequency of your physical and biophysical body to facilitate attunement with the physical body; raising your Awareness to encapsulate the higher planes of existence.
28 The New Age Magical Jewellery is tuned to cancel the internal dialogue, mental chatter in your mind and brain. This boosts, stabilises and promotes higher consciousness during meditation, trance, work, Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming. This empowers sobriety of mind and emotions to conserve your vital energies. Stimulates, promotes and amplifies your natural communication skills in the process boosting your intuition. This promotes a real-time mind set and spontaneity. It also heals the Soul, body, mind and Spirit. This results in deep inner peace.
29 The Magical Jewellery power uses the New Age Magic channelled into it by the PG to balance all your energy bodies: physical, astral, emotional, mental, Karmic, Vediz, causal, universal akashic... Brings them into alignment with higher spiritual forces in the process dispelling compulsive obsessive disorder freeing your Awareness so it can reach its full potential.
30 Magical Jewellery conformed to use New Age / Magic Power as fuel to boost your ascension into transcendent states to see out of the Matrix., Enables you to link into human consciousness - Greys in you to read their past lives then to free then from your body to become Master of your very own Soul. This is a transformation power to facilitate ascension through the Buddhic planes. It affords access to past life memories carried by your human Soul revenants, allowing you to access them during meditations and dreaming to free you from negativity, habits... they may carry and to learn from their mistakes. (see
31 The Magical Jewellery channels the power of all New Age devotees and while Magic practitioners to add energy and lifeforce to your PG regenerating your body and Soul. This helps to resist ageing and cellular breakdown caused by stressors. Boosts your immune system.
32 The Magical Jewellery can be tuned to boost all your latent powers and act as a psychic amplifier to boost ESP, Remote Viewing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, absent healing, Reiki, precognition and luck. Boosts the Power of healers both the laying on of hands and absent healing. It intensifies, refines, concentrates altered states of Awareness eliminating all negative dark matter parasites in your crown Chakra to promote telepathy, deep insight, true imagery and dreaming based on non Matrix subjects.
Twelve Powers are offered on the, and because twelve Powers have been stolen from you by negativity. (see; Since the twelve Powers can be combined in 12! ways (twelve factorial for mathematicians like myself) 479,001,600 nearly 500 million ways the Psychotronic Generator bounces all the combinations between the Psychotronic Crystal and it's bioparticle 500 million times (approx) to synergistically boost the 12 Powers fuelled by New Age and White Magic. Since the New Age and White Magic energy used for Psychic Fuel is gentle, well intentional energy the Magical Jewellery/Jewelry has a soft gentle ambience for the kind mild Soul that finds Shamanism a little extreme. Tim Rifat likes to cater for all customers so offers this Magical Jewelry/Jewellery to cater to the casual, New Age, White Magic person who lies in love and light. Each Magical Jewelry/Jewellery 'gem' comes with a bioparticle tuned to boost physical/Power and always keep it positive (simply leave BPC somewhere safe or wear in left sock for added power) All Magical Jewelry./Jewellery comes with an authentication Certificate signed by Tim Rifat, the only Psi-Lord, avatar of the Source,; our Stars and Stripes division. We have the largest range of Psychic products on the planet and the only outlet in the world for Psychotronic Crystals - Tim Rifat invented these Psychotronic Generators (don't be fooled by counterfeiters (see our Warnings Pages). Unlike our competitors since we are the biggest and only suppliers of Psychotronic Crystals; the best Psychic retailer on the planet, check out the competition - they copy Tim Rifat on any search versus any so called expert competitor. is the Psychic; Psychotronic Generator/Crystal/Amplifier market. Unlike any other bogus website we will be here years from now for Customer Care and Service. Don't trust your hard earned dollars to anyone else - criminal counterfeiters are everywhere. We guarantee you delivery and no quibble redelivery of lost undelivered Magical Jewellery and any other product.

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