The Key to 112 Powers  


  Choose your Power:
1 Luck Power to boost your good Luck, fortune, providence and happiness
2 Love Power to boost your love life, personal relationships, and fertility
3 Wealth Power to boost your money, investments, career, business and wealth
4 Health Power to boost your vitality, immune system, potency, muscle tone...
5 Anti-Ageing Power to boost your lifespan, longevity, ability to regenerate
6 Psychic Powers to boost your intuition, psychic attunement, wholeness, abilities
7 Protection Power to boost your ability to deflect evil, avoid accidents and misfortune
8 Anti-Occult Energy to boost your fight against evil in all it's forms in home and career
9 Anti-Victim Energy to boost your ability to stop people making you a target for their evil
10 Anti-Enemy Energy to boost your ability to make your enemy 'hang themselves'
11 Avoidance of Obstacles Energy to boost your ability to see and avoid the road blocks in life
12 Seizing the Moment Energy to boost your ability to seize the main chance to achieve success
13 Making the Right Decision Energy to boost your ability to avoid problems and steer the correct path
14 Sex Power for males/lesbians to boost your potency, rigidity, vigour energy and stamina
15 Sex Power to females/gays to boost your orgasms, excitement and sensuality
16 Dominant Power Energy to make you in control, aggressively acquisitive, a leader...
17 Stress Relief Energy to calm you down, relax, switch down your agitation to calm
18 Strengthening Power to help you build up muscle tone, physical strength, hardness
19 Speed Power to boost your reflexes to enable you to act and think quicker
20 Agility Power to make you more flexible both mentally and physically
21 Shamanic Power to open you up to Spirit so you can fine your true path
22 Marriage Energy to glue together partners so they live together happily
23 Child Bearing/Fertility Power to help you have the children you so want
24 Child Rearing Energy to put up with the trials and tribulations of your children
25 Studying Power to help you pass exams and excel at college, university
26 Getting the Right Job Energy to help you find a job, one that you can excel at...
27 Mind over Matter Power to help you Remotely Influence, heal change things mentally
28 Dreaming Power so you can Lucidly Dream and explore the dimensions of sleep
29 Lucid Viewing Power so you can still your Mind intuit anything, and see it in your Mind's eye
30 Friendship Energy to make people like you and bring you true friends
31 Anti-Attachment Energy to break your obsessive attachment to anything or anybody
32 Anti-Addiction Energy to wean you of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, shopping
33 Anti-Idiot Power to mess with the Minds of government idiots as well as the mild cretin
34 Anti-Microwave Energy to block the mind control of Tetra, mobile phones and digital radio
35 Realise the Dream Energy give you the energy to make your dream come true
36 Gain Praise for your Efforts Energy to make people appreciate what you do
37 Athletic Power to boost your athletic prowess for the sportsman/woman...
38 Anti-Accident Energy to make you avoid events that would lead to an accident
39 Will Power Energy to help you keep a decision you need to keep for your wellbeing
40 Anti-Rival Energy to make competitors for boyfriends, business, success...
41 Turn every Mistake into a Right Decision Energy - turns your mistakes into success
42 Earth Energy to make you grounded and able to manifest your ideas
43 Restores lost Energy to give back to you energy lost on idiots, enemies and life
44 Anti-Trauma Energy to erase the trauma of a nasty episode in your life so you can break free of it successfully
45 Discover Treasure Power be it a new idea, invention, locations, book to give you fortune
46 Promotion Energy to make your boss promote you to a better position
47 New/Better Job Energy to get you that great job you deserve
48 Poise Power to make you cool, collected, in control and the centre of things
49 Balance Energy to even out your character so your being becomes all rounded and successful
50 Travel Energy to help you travel to the places you simply have to see
51 Anti-Cancer Energy to restore stop growth of malignant tumours
52 Anti-Heart Attack Energy  to boost your heat and circulatory systems
53 Anti-Altzheimers Energy to help you from going senile and losing your wits
54 Virtuous Energy to make you keep your purity of being in an evil world
55 Anti-Rat Race Energy to pull you out of the dog eat dog state of mind and reality
56 Let Bygones be Bygones Energy to let you let go of old grudges, anger and enmity
57 Tolerance Energy to help you tolerate the low lives that fill the world
58 Enablement Energy to make you that person who can do for you and yours
59 Home Improvement Energy to get you to improve your home in all ways
60 Home Energy to help you find the home that just suits you in mind and body
61 Peaceful Life Energy so things go smoothly in your life and all goes well
62 Psychic Cleansing Power to make evil rebound on the vermin projecting it at you
63 Anti-Curse Power to banish, exorcise, cleanse your home of evil
64 Public Speaking Power to make you a media, public event, orator, raconteur, entertainer
65 Acting Power to make you the actress/actor you know lives within you
66 Pop Idol Power to help you to become the talented singer you dream of being
67 Generosity Power to make people be generous to you and vice versa
68 Getting the Raise Energy to help you get the raise you know you deserve
69 Losing Weight Energy to change your body so your metabolism goes up
70 Party Time Energy to make your life into one long party
71 Dragon Energy to fill you with the Chinese power energy of temporal power
72 Tiger Energy to fill you with the Chinese power energy of strength of spirit
73 Snow Leapoad Power to fill you with the Chinese power energy of magical power
74 Eagle Power to fill you with the Chinese power energy of the magical overview
75 Monkey Power to fill you with the Chinese power energy of  magical meddling
76 Lord of Ruin Power to fill you with the Chinese power energy of Heaven's Ruler
77 Planning Energy to make you the long term thinker and strategist for success
78 Escape from a Nasty Life Energy to help you escape evil surroundings and companions
79 Vital Chi Power to fill you with the Chinese vital force for all Psi
80 Prana Power to fill you with the Vedic Energy of life-force and health
81 Regeneration Power to enable you to heal injuries so you return to health
82 Cleansing Power to enable your system to flush the toxins out of your body
83 Anti-Allergy Energy to make you resistant to life's toxins
84 Anti-Anger Power to stop you verbally and physically assaulting antagonists
85 Clear View Energy to enable you to see in the long-term so you can find your way out, through, into life's events for your benefit
86 Psychic Development Power to raise your Consciousness without drugs to move your Assemblage Point to reach the Nirvana state of ecstasy
87 Anti-Menopausal Energy to alleviate menopause and the change
88 Anti-Menstruation Energy to alleviate menstruation and mood swings
89 Male Suppresor or Power to Quench the testosterone charged stupidity of partners
90 Pattern Power to see the Patterns in things that unfolds the hidden secrets and unravels the puzzle of life
91 People Follow Your Ideas Power so people are desperate to do what you say and follow your ideas and wishes
92 Alleviate Pain Power to raise your pain threshold to switch down pain
93 Youth Power to help you regain the positive aspects of youth without the bad parts
94 Reach the Inner You Power to find the true you so you can become the real you
95 Kick Butt Power to enable you to unleash righteous retribution on evil people
96 God Inside Power to enable you to link with God so his Angels can work through you
97 Charity Power to turn a hardnosed sceptic into one charitable enough to overlook the failings of lesser women/men
98 Sustenance Power to enable you to make ends meet no matter what the conditions and plays of your enemies
99 Keep the Family Together Power to bring husbands/wives to heel so you can keep the family together
100 Ever Upwards, ever Onwards Power so you endure, grow, and reach GodHead no matter what life brings you
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