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So many products and Service so little money, now Psi-Lord Ltd has your answer


Psi-Lord Ltd appreciate Americans are becoming poorer by the minute. To help the wanabee Psi-Master who is running out of credit we offer a new starter pack to brand new customers:-

7 Psycrystals for: Love, Luck, Health, Anti-Ageing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Protection and Money $335

Soul Rescue to pull your Soul out of Archon hell $600

Psi-Master Service to make your energy body free from attack by Archons $600

RV E-Correspondence Course to teach you Remote Viewing $240

Sublime GoodŽ Money Engine and Bone GeneratorŽ Upgrade $240

Total cost $2015 Now offered to any customer for $1000

This Incentive Package gives you all you need to have for a Psi-Master wishing to become more secure, wealthy and knowledgeable.




Remote viewing has become popuolar in the USA, but is of limited use without the energy to amplify the Second Sight. Casteneda in: The Fire from Within, reveals that all Second Sight, seeing, RV, RS, bilocation, astral travel, lucid dreaming... are dependant on sexual energy, 'if Warriors want to have enough energy to see, they must become misers with their sexual energy. Unfortunately most people cannot save their sexual energy, they have children grow old and die - food for dark energy matter entities. The Psychic Warrior Shaman uses sex psychotronic amplifiers to gain extra sexual energy so that:-

  1. He can break free of the perceptual prison of the Matrix while asleep - Lucid Dreaming.
  2. He can break free of the perceptual prison of the Matrix while awake - Lucid Waking.
  3. Once he has awoken he/she can develop their RV to see the inside of buildings...
  4. Repeating all the perceptual feats of the Warrior Shaman takes massive amounts of sexual energy.
  5. Repeating them in the Second Attention, biophysical world, bilocating and duplicating all Casteneda's work is beyon all but a Nagual - The PsiLord.
  6. The ability to carry out all the above perceptual feats and more is called LUCID VIEWING, the development of Remote Viewing to embrace the knowledge of the old Seers circa 10,000 BC and the knowledge of PsiLords from remote viewing the far future. The key to Lucid Viewing is having a vast amount of sexual energy to power altered awareness, Second Sight, seeing, jameying in infinity...

Luckily for the Author he lives in Brighton, the gay capital of Britain, with a rampant heterosexual population, 'weekend in Brighton for sex' transient population, s/m, brothels etc. Since Brighton Police are second worst in the UK for fighting crime, Brighton is the perfect place to power psychotronic generators. It also has massive occult activity, covens, black magic and is perfect for powering Anti-Occult PCs which take all occultists and use them as negative karma dumping grounds - the damned, so that the Psychic Warrior Shaman can act with impunity. Brighton also has the only Royal Palace - the Pavilion not used by the Monarchy, as the Prince Regent of Napoleonic times was obsessed by the occult and turned Brighton in a non-Matrix island so he could practise his anglo-demonic religion in direct contact with dark energy matter entities. Brighton is in effect a hole in the Matrix, since it was done by the Illuminati they cannot repair the rift so have fled. With Graham Nickells, (Paul Hughes Barlow) resident in Brighton, I have the perfect dumping ground for all negative karma in the world as he still sells his counterfeit crystals to gullible occultists so spreading the negative karma worldwide, enabling the Psychic Warrior Shaman to do anything and the karma is diverted to the counterfeiter and his crystals. It has spread worldwide as I see numerous counterfeiters purporting to sell psychotronic crystals to poor dupes. Luckily as discoverer of psychotronic PCs I locked out and reversed all others, so all psychotronic PCs from other suppliers take in negative karma, shred the users and have a reverse effect if used with my protocols. All this has enabled - for the first time- Lucid Viewing to be offered to the public, formerly only the realm of the Psychic Warrior Shaman.


Sexual energy  powers awareness, it is the lifeforce of awareness and as such makes humans experience orgasmic peaks. As we run out of sexual energy we lose our youth an no longer have the surge and peaks of awareness associated with sexual maturity. The Psychic Warrior Shaman uses sexual energy to shift his awarness. This is done simply by having the energy, by no other means, since humans are in a state of depleted energy - due to depredation by dark energy matters parasites - of which none but the Shaman is aware - they have a very limited awareness - 'think in the box' is preached by the anglo demonic MI4 thought police.

The Psychic Warrior Shaman can move his awareness to any position in the known and unknown, the physical biophysical and alien physical. This is described in Casteneda's; 'The Fire from within' What seperates the Psychic Warrior Shaman from the neophyte is energy. It has taken me 30 years to achieve dominion. A wage slave has no chance to repeat my 24/7 endeavours so I have prepared psychic generators filled with energy from all aspects of infinity which are self recharging. As all non-living matter has an empty capsule energy body it can be filled with any energy, or made into and attack hole with respect to dark energy matter entities and a white hold w.r.t. the rightful user to supply energy. How this is done is RV Science. Bring back far future technology from successful time-lines to benefit Psychic Warrior Shamans failsafed so it cannot be misused by Illuminati, all blowback redirected into all occultists and counterfeiters of psychotronic generators...

To Lucid View all you do is project your awareness into the psychotronic generators; now used in PSYCHIC LENSE mode, the Psychic Lense protocols of Lucid Viewing:-

  1. Project your awareness into Sex PC to lucidly view, RI of, for psychic sex.
  2. Project your awareness into Sex BPC to lucidly view, RI of, for physical sex.

Simply hold the Sex PC in your left hand (male for male, female for female) step into the PC to lucidly view your sexual partner. This is described as dreaming awake by Casteneda: 'The Active Side of Infinity'. Visualise their energy body and hold your PC to the bright spot over their right shoulder blade - the Assemblage Point. This captures their biophysical body for sex and can be done on any non Psychic Warrior Shaman. Once this is done simply lucidly view having psychic sex, with practise your visualisation becomes solid and real so you can touch and feel in your minds eye. This enables all types of sex for the Psychic Warrior Shaman with anyone. All negative karma is downloaded into all the counterfeit crystals sold by charlatons worldwide, including amulets, talismans, rituals... occultists. This enables for the first time in history the use of PSI in any respect free from Karmic blowback - RVScience.

To have physical sex with them project your awareness throught he BPC and lucidly view them as described above. While lucidly viewing the sexual partner holding the BPC in your left hand grab the fringe of awareness - the energy field around their feet and pull it away into your BPC. This captures their morphogenic physical field giving you total control over their physical body. Lucidly view having sex with them in any way you wish and their physical body - as an energy field - will travel to you so you can have physical dream-like sex with lucidly viewing since this causes them to phase in and out of physical manifestation while sleeping. It is useful for the psychic Warrior Shaman who is keen to taste the carnal delights of the world without the drawbacks.

The use of psychotronically charged cockrings amplifies penetrative psychic and physical sex. Placing the small version Sex PC in a vibrator, dildo, duo balls... amplify the psychic and physical act of receiving penetrative sex. Small PC set $100 including P&P.

  S/M paraphenalia charged superboosts the peak duration of orgasmic energy release.

Since energy is the prerequisite for all Psi, the Psychic Warrior Shaman collects all the energies of the Megaverse to become a PsiLord. As the first of the PsiLords I have collected all of these energies in my 34 Total BSRI-System. Once you have the complete set of energies you control reality, this means your Lucid Viewing becomes totally real, psychic sex solid and just like a Matrix encounter and all your wishes cone true. It takes the 34 Total BSRI-System to supply the energy to be a PsiLord. Since many people cannot afford the Total System I offer PCs and BPCs filled with the 34 Solitonic Torsions Power. Like batteries they are disposable when they run out of charge.

These 3 PsiLord PCs/BPCs are:-

  1. The Remote Influencing Generator: The One Wish PC that grants you one personal wish. Simply wear in left pocket, BPC in left sock until the wish is fulfilled.
  2. The Psychic Sex PC that enables you to have real Psychic Sex. Simply hold in your left hand. Project your awareness to the partner of choice and as explained above pull them into your dream for any type of psychic sex. Use the BPC in left sock for solid physical psychic sex and to physically affect partner.
  3. The Lucid Viewing PC. Hold in left hand to enter into any aspect of the biophysical world. Put BPC in left sock to enter into any aspect of the physical world - time lines - alien worlds.

All three are filled with the power of the 34 Total BSRI-System so you can share in the power of a PsiLord fo ra short time until the PC is discharged. This like any battery depends on usage. Normal usage should last a year or more. Any of the PsiLord PCs is $70 and $10 P&P.

The Remote Influencing Generator

The Psychic Sex PC

The Lucid Viewing PC

The Psi-Master will have a set of the 34 Total BSRI-System to share in the above permanently by using all 34 in a power circle, and holding the BSRI-E N°9 PC/BPC for not one wish but total reality control; the Sex PC/BPC male or female or both for total psychic sex; the RV psycrystal PC/BPC for Lucid Viewing to any level. Hold in left hand, left sock while all the other PCs super amplify your Nagual 4 lobed (using SuperPower PCs) body to become a full PsiLord. All purchasers of the 34 Total BSRI-System gain for free full entrance to the Psimaster Course so they can become a PsiLord and the Grail manuscript that shows the patterns of the agglutinising force that are used to achieve total control over the Matrix and beyond - the PsiLord.

One Wish PC.

A PsiLord has full control of reality due to his command of all the energies ini the Megaverse. Tim Rifat as a PsiLord has packaged all these energies ini his Total BSRI-System: 7 psycrystals (Council of Seven) 9 BSRI-E (Council of Nine), two Sex PCs, two Awareness PCs and the 6 Grail PCs (the PCs used in the PsiMaster Course) the 4 SuperPower PCs are used to wield the Nagual energy body needed to channel these energies. For the first timer RVScience offers the One Wish PC, this personal intent PC allows you one wish in your personal life to improve your lifestyle:- 

Simply hold the One Wish PC in your left hand and visualise your wish this could be:

  1. Winning money
  2. A better home
  3. Super sex
  4. A bigger car
  5. Becoming a star
  6. Getting promoted
  7. Travel
  8. more money...

The One Wish PC is charged with the energies of the complete 34 PC BSRI-System. This charge can be used for one wish in any aspect of your personal life. All you have to do is keep the One Wish PC in your left pocket until the wish is fulfilled - it's as simple as that. The One Wish PC uses all the talismans, amulets, charms, fake psychotronic crystals, hyperdimensional generators, the myriads of so called rubbish new age products based on the occult to absorb your negative karma so you lose:-

  1. the bad luck
  2. past life karma
  3. karma from this life
  4. connections with negative people
  5. evil wishes attached to you
  6. bad habits
  7. evil...

so your One Wish can manifest force of negative rubbish to bring you the wish you really deserve. It needs no psychic experience, or training simply keep it in your left pocket, underpillow... untilt he wish manifests. As such the One Wish, personal intent PC is the ultimate remote influencing programme for the main in the street, not the professional PsiLord like myself - yet witih all the benefits of my 30 years travelling in the psiworld. The One Wish PC comes in a velvet bag and is charged from Tim Rifat's personal 34 PC Total BSRI-System and 34 BPCs, a system which costs thousands of dollar to order from RVScience. Have your One Wish for only $70 + $10 P&P, the ultimate remote influencing system to change reality to give you the luxury lifestyle you deserve. Control your future using remote influencing from RVScience - the only PsiLord around.


Copyright Tim Rifat 2006 All Rights Reserved.

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